If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities and have questions please feel free to send an email to welovedhere@gmail.com. We would love to work with fellow bloggers, shops, and brands!

What sponsoring the blog means for you:
We offer a range of sizes/prices for ads that you can choose from below.  Ads will be featured on our blog sidebar for the specified duration of your ad - typically one month. The sidebar appears on every page of this blog and your ad will always be visible to our readers.

We have 1100+ followers across a variety of social media platforms including GFC, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin'.

If you're interested in placing an ad on our page, check out the options we offer below, plus additional sponsorship options at the bottom of this post:

We are seeking an alternative to our former automated ad service, so in the mean time all payment will be accepted via PayPal. Just select your ad size and send us and email to welovedhere@gmail.com with your ad. We will get back to you with our PayPal email and once payment comes through we will approve your ad!

More sponsorship opportunities: 
We are also open to product reviews, giveaways, guest posts, and other various promotions as long as we feel like it fits within the content of our blog both in addition to an ad space or as an entirely separate endeavor. We are more than willing to explore the following sponsorship options with you:

1. Button swaps - We love to button swap with other bloggers! Review the ad size options above and let us know what size swap you're interested in and let us know what we need to do in exchange to get out button on your page. (We do like to be fair and equal in our swaps, so if you want a 200 x 200px ad space on our blog, please do not request that we send you a 50 x 50px button in exchange.)

2. Trade - If you're a shop owner or crafter and you don't want to pay cash money for an ad you can always send us something from your shop instead! We can work out the fine details of how long an ad will run on our sidebar. We will also give your product a shout out in a blog post.

3. Money - We can feature your brand/product/service on the blog in a special post and we will do so, providing it fits out content, in exchange for money. All payment must be sent via PayPal, preferably the day of the post if not before. The opinions expressed will be our own regarding the brand/product/service and our experience in using it. We will not share articles (copy & pasted or modified) written by brands or anyone else in an attempt to sell a product or service to our readers.

4. Discount codes - If you want to offer a discount code to our readers for your shop/store, we can do that too! Again, you can send us something you're selling and in exchange we can either review and share the code in a blog post or simply create a sidebar banner displaying the discount code for our readers. (The option determined would be based on the product.)

5. Giveaways - In order to do a giveaway we request that your giveaway item be something that pertains to the content of our blog. This blog is about our life, so anything from clothing to kitchen items and home decor are fair game so please keep that in mind. Please email for specifics.

To get started just send an email over to welovedhere@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your support!

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