Tuesday, March 18, 2014

our wedding: we have bridesmaids! (and they have dresses.)

When Jason and I first got engaged, almost two years ago, I started thinking about the bridal party. I immediately asked one of my closest friends, who was there to celebrate our engagement, and then started thinking about who else to ask. I was in a wedding in college and know all to well that weddings are expensive for anyone involved, and there tend to be a lot of expectations and expenses for the wedding party.

I had a few acquaintances comment about being in the wedding (which was a little awkward,) a few close friends that I didn't want to burden with the expense without talking to them first, and I honestly didn't want to think about it and stress myself out. So, I put it off. I asked my remaining bridesmaids late last year and love that they have all been so great the last few months while we've been making plans!

Rifle Paper Co. has the best cards! I bought these and the Maid of Honor card right after our engagement.
The idea of putting together little boxes like you see on Pinterest was great in the beginning, but I opted to ask all of my ladies in person first because there were things to discuss and I didn't want anyone to feel pressured. Once everyone was committed to the wedding - the time, the money, the showers and parties, and everything else - we started talking dresses.

I already had my cards from Rifle Paper Co. and kind of ruined the surprise by talking to everyone first, so I decided to pass them out on dress shopping day. I wrote all of the girls messages telling them why I wanted them to be in the wedding and thanking them for their love and support. By this point I still needed to officially ask my friend Melanie to be Maid of Honor, so her card was actually a surprise!

The girls all loved their cards! There were tears and hugs, and I really think letting them know how important they were to me and how much I appreciated them was a great way to kick off a day of dress shopping. A very long day...

We actually ended up choosing one of the first two dresses we found first thing that morning, after running all over Louisville. I can't believe finding bridesmaid dresses was harder than finding my wedding dress. But the important thing is, we chose a dress and they are beautiful, and look stunning on all of the girls!

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  1. I am so glad you finally for all your bridesmaids figured out! And that they love their cards! :)

    Love Always,


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