Wednesday, October 30, 2013

our wedding: i bought my dress!

*This post does not contain in photos of my actual wedding dress.*

One month ago I was busy trying to organize schedules, set up an appointment, and get my final thoughts/ideas together to go shopping for my wedding dress. Last Friday was the day. My mom, future mother-in-law, and two of my best friends set out to find my wedding dress at a local bridal shop. We had the first appointment of the day and were the only ones in the store the entire time we were there - which made my shopping experience so much more personal. I felt like the goal was to help me find my dress, not to get me in and out to move on to another appointment. My number one goal was to find the dress, but not just because that was the point of the trip - I genuinely didn't want to go a second or third or fifth time. After juggling everyone's schedules once I didn't know if I could do it again, but don't be mistaken I was not going to settle.

I never found the source for this dress, but it is one of the first gowns I saved after we got engaged.
Beautiful dress, but nothing like what I had in mind for myself...
If this isn't the exact dress it's very similar to the first one I tried on.
So pretty, but the lace across the collar bone bunched up like a cowl neck on me.

As soon as my consultant asked what we were looking for I laid it all out - exactly what I didn't want (I didn't want to waste anyone's time after all,) what I had in mind precisely, but also the fact that I was open to other options. I was allowed five dresses, so I picked a couple and let the others in my group choose a few too. The first dress I tried on had cap sleeves (I was really looking for something strapless, but again, open to trying other options) and surprise, surprise, I apparently have narrow shoulders, so the dress looked ridiculous on me. I was discouraged, but more than that I was ready to get out of the dress and move on to the next one...

Of the original five dresses three were complete nos, one was a maybe, and one was definitely a front-runner even though it was covered in tiny iridescent sequins. I don't want to give my dress away - it's going to be a complete surprise for J - but I was dedicated to a very specific fabric and I did not want and beading, pearls, sequins, any of it. The fit and shape of that dress though... absolutely beautiful. If you're in the market for a wedding dress go for the corset back - you will not be disappointed, this one fit me like a perfect, sparkly glove.

My consultant and her assistant grabbed a few dresses they thought I may like too, to no avail, and then we all ventured back into the main room to find more options. There was a dress I considered on the first sweep that my mom and one of my friends encouraged me to try even though the bottom portion of the dress wasn't something I wanted... and again, we all grabbed a couple more dresses to take back.

The dress that I had questioned, but pulled anyway, had the perfect neckline and shape... the bottom was still a question for me, just a little more material than I wanted, but once I got it on and stepped out I was immediately drawn to it. Oh, and it was two, almost three, sizes too big - and I still liked it. The consultant clipped and tugged and tried her best to show me how it would fit if it were the right size, but it was almost impossible due to the texture of the material. I already knew this dress was going on my 'keeper' rack along with the sparkly one.

I tried on a few more, no dice, and then got back into the first kept dress. As soon as I was back out under the lights and looking in the mirrors I started picking apart every little thing I didn't like about it. They gave me veils, a crystal sash because they knew I intend to wear one, pulled my hair up, the whole nine yards. Again, this dress fit perfectly - so everyone favored it. My mom and friend who initially encouraged me to give the second dress a chance told me I should try that one back on again and compare them back to back. I think they knew which one I was leaning toward...

As soon as I got back into it, two sizes too big and all, I could tell I loved it more. I slipped on the heels I brought along, they put a veil in my hair, crystal belt around my waist and it was stunning. (Not me, just the entire ensemble, all together.) The consultant told me that I could easily have the zipper closure removed and have a corset back put in, since we had all loved that about the other dress, and because it definitely helps shape-wise since my waist is so much smaller than my bust and hips. As soon as she said that I could see it in my head and I knew for sure - this is my dress. This is it.

I could tell that some of those with me weren't so sure, but I reminded them to image that it was going to fit me every bit as perfect as the other one and it had so many things I wanted, even if a portion of it was something completely different. I think that realization had some sway, but uncertainty on their part or not it was my dress and I finally just said it - You guys, this is my dress! This is my dress!

I didn't cry, although I did see some of my ladies tear up a bit, but I definitely had the overwhelming feeling that this had to be the dress I walked down the aisle in. I placed my order only a few minutes later. Walking out of the bridal shop knowing I had just ordered my dress was such a surreal feeling - much like when Jason proposed. I bought a wedding dress? We're getting married? We're getting married!

I have been looking at all wedding everything since I got home Friday afternoon, as if I have to plan the wedding right now, this week, all of it. I am so excited to have found what I wanted and to be able to cross another big thing off our list. I can't wait for the dress to get here and even more so for my first round of alterations, which will include the corset back being added, so I can truly see how it will look on my wedding day. Most of all I can't wait for Jason to see me in it!
I tried on a dress with this shape, just because the material was pretty.
The skirt had so many layers it stood on its own I felt like a cupcake.

*I was allowed to take photos once I knew it was mine and that I was ordering, but again it's a big surprise for J and of course, our wedding guests so I won't be sharing here on the blog. Stay tuned for more wedding updates and in September 2014 you can see my gorgeous wedding dress for yourselves.*

Fun fact about my dress: Once I set my appointment last month I started scouring all of the brands/designers the shop carried and anything that looked like the dress I had in mind I pinned to a secret board on Pinterest with little notes about what I liked or didn't like about each dress... The afternoon following my appointment I decided to run back through those pins, just out of curiosity to see how close I got to what I thought I wanted. The exact dress I bought was right in the middle of the page.


  1. Congrats!

    I know this is one of the biggest part of the day, I'm sure you'll look beautiful.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Congrats - can't wait to see pics in September!

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