Tuesday, October 15, 2013

an embrassing wedding weekend

If you didn't attend a wedding this weekend I think you're in the minority. I saw posts across social media from so many friends all attending different weddings in various parts of the country. Jason and I found ourselves at one as well, that of my cousin Stacey and her (now) husband Clint.

The wedding was Saturday evening and I'm not kidding when I tell you that their church is literally in the middle of nowhere. When we walked out the door of our apartment that afternoon we were already running late - completely my fault, hair, make-up, dress, ugh. Jason is amazing - he was ready in about fifteen minutes, including ironing his clothes, after hearing me say "Oh, I didn't realize the time. We probably need to leave soon." My estimation on travel time was also off too - we were driving into a different time zone and my mother told me it would only take about 20 minutes to get to the church from her house, which isn't true. So yes, running so very late even though I raced to get there on time.

After getting behind slow drivers on county roads (the worst) we finally pulled into the church parking lot to find that there was nowhere to park, so I had to block someone in. We didn't see any people and as we walked up the church steps I couldn't hear anything - no people talking, no music. We were about ten minutes past the hour when the wedding was supposed to start. I've never been to a wedding that started exactly on time, so I was hoping we were walking in right before the start of the ceremony... Oh, but we were not so lucky.

Jason quietly opened the door and we could see that the bridal party was already at the altar and my cousin and her father were standing in a side hallway, waiting to walk down the aisle. I was mortified. I quickly said hello, apologized, and my uncle joked "Are you trying to take my job and walk her down?" ha! At least they thought it was funny, even though I was incredibly embarrassed. Now that we'd made a scene we scrambled to find seats to watch the rest of the wedding.

The bride & groom! (To respect their privacy this fuzzy photo is the only one I'm sharing of the happy couple.)
The ceremony wasn't long and the reception hall was just behind the church. I stole baby Shayne from my sister as soon as I had the chance and I may or may not have kept her for most of the evening... she's just too sweet! Plus, she needs all the time she can get with her favorite aunt :) Stacey was a beautiful bride and I'm so happy that she and Clint got exactly what they wanted for their wedding day!

My girl and I at the reception :)
All smiles! (After she got out of her sweater dress anyway.)

LOVE Stacey's brooch bouquet! She did such a great job putting it together.

I apologized profusely during the reception about being late -more so for arriving when we did- and told her to feel free to run late to our wedding next fall, she can come in as I'm walking down the aisle if she'd like! Lucky for me Clint and Stacey are really laid back and neither of them minded at all. Whew. They're on their honeymoon now and based on Stacey's updates they're having a lot of fun in Florida. I'm really excited for them both to start their life together!

As for me, lesson learned: be early, be on time, but DO NOT be late to a wedding.


  1. You're so right about the weddings this weekend. We attended one, there was one in our home town and my best friend attended one! Nuts I wonder why??

    1. We have friends who celebrated their 2 and 3 year anniversaries over the weekend too. I guess the first/second weekend in October is THE WEEKEND if you want a fall wedding before it gets to chilly!

  2. That brooch bouquet is amazing!!
    The colours are perfect!

    Anna Czarina

    1. I am in love with it! If it hadn't taken her 3-4 months and if she hadn't told me that it cost $3-5 per brooch and she used 100+ of them I would make once for my wedding. But that time and money? Whew, I am not that dedicated.


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