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Something Borrowed: a wedding link-up {choosing a date + browsing venues}

For the second Something Borrowed Link-Up we're inviting everyone to share the first phase of their wedding planning - choosing a date and the initial discussion of what kind of wedding style or venue you started looking for. We're not looking for what venue you chose, that will come later, just what you first envisioned when you started thinking about your wedding day. I'm sharing my post below and you can check out Sydney's over on Bumps Along The Way. Don't forget to link-up yours at the bottom!

There aren't any rules for this link-up other than follow the topic. We're not going to try and make anyone follow our blogs (we'd love it if you did!) unless you like what we write about. We're not going to collect a dozen co-hosts and demand you follow them either. Follow us if you want to! Write about the topic for the month. Link up your post and read other posts to meet new bloggers. Simple as that!

we loved here. 

setting the date & wedding day inspiration

When Jason proposed we knew we wouldn't be getting married within the year. (If that was the case we would be newlyweds right now!) I was about to get braces and didn't want to get married until they were off, so the earliest we were going to be able to plan for would have been spring of 2014. I also really don't want engagement photos with my braces either and we have both always wanted a fall wedding, so that moved us later into the year.

We know several couples with October weddings and not only did we want our own date, but the weather was chilly for some of their weddings and we wanted to try and avoid turning our guests into popsicles since we were considering something outdoors. Then we started thinking about the first time we hung out at the bar right before we started dating. It was mid-September. I did some digging and we're also fairly certain the first time we ever met back in college was also in September, possibly a little later in the month. In the end we had a time frame, a few weekends to choose from, for the first year of our engagement, all dependent on what our venue may have available since September is such a popular month for weddings. (Nope, we still didn't have a concrete date! We had two years to plan, and actually didn't set a date until this summer.)

Moving on to inspiration and what style of wedding we wanted, got a bit trickier in some ways. We want a non-religious ceremony, so we knew from the beginning we didn't want to have it in a church. Therefore, we needed to find a ceremony site and separate reception site, or a place that could offer us both. While Pinterest was busy being flooded with "rustic chic" weddings, burlap, mason jars, and so on we both knew that it wasn't for us. What did strike a chord with us? Art. Hardwood floors. Open ceilings. Rooftops. Downtown. Modern, very much not traditional.

We toured one place in September, right after we got engaged in April even though we knew it was really early. It had so many things we loved and everything located in one place that it easily became a front runner. Other candidates included a winery, a few different locations where we could have a rooftop ceremony and indoor reception, and an outdoor venue with a great art installation, and even a sky loft.

One year later and one year away from our wedding, we're sticking to those initial plans! We have a venue that you'll hear about in the coming months and it encompasses a lot of the first few things we knew we wanted. I can't wait to settle on a color palette so we can get started making final decisions about centerpieces, decor, and so many other things to compliment the amazing space we found.

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Next month we'll be talking about choosing your wedding party! (When you asked people, did you ask in any fun or creative ways, if anything went wrong (it happens,) or anything else you want to discuss.)


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