Monday, September 30, 2013

so long september

This time last year Jason and I had been going over possible places to have our wedding, and this time next year we will have just celebrated our wedding with friends and family. How a year flies! I hope this next one slows down, because I will be the first to admit we still have lots of planning to do. Right now I'm just happy we have the things taken care of that we do.

While next September is sure to be full of last minute planning and rushing around, this one has been busy in a lot of different ways. We have made some great memories and spent time with the people who matter most. Here are just a few things we did this past month:

We started the month with a family cookout
Visited with my little brother who is in from the Air Force
Kicked off our first ever Fantasy Football league with friends
Saw the Local Natives preform live in Nashville at Live On The Green
I received an awesome reward gift at work for a huge event I took on
Miss Shayne has been all smiles for me every time I see her!
We welcomed our newest nephew Hunter into the world
Attended WKU's first two home football games with friends
Crafted a fall wreath
Finally got to see one of my friends & ask her to be in the wedding
Watched Breaking Bad come to a close, with the rest of the world

How could we not mention that last one, since it just happened last night! :) We've had some less than stellar moments, for example Jason's car is bound and determined to give him grief, but all-in-all, things have been pretty good. 

For October we're definitely planning for more football, lots of scary movies, and wedding dress shopping for me. I can't wait! Not to mention, bring on the best weather, tall boots, and hopefully a trip to the pumpkin patch and/or winery!

We will also be spending lots of time with these two train wrecks:

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