Thursday, September 12, 2013

local natives! but we may be too old for outdoor concerts...

After two back-to-back long weekends this work week is rough. Last Thursday we left work early and headed down to Nashville for Live On The Green. The free summer concert series features new, popular, and up & coming bands, plus a variety of local vendors, including food trucks, nonprofits, and various shops. We love Local Natives and missed them when they were in Louisville recently, so when we saw they were part of the LOTG line-up and didn't have dates anywhere nearby for the foreseeable future it was a no brainer - we had to go.

We grabbed a late lunch and headed over to the square pretty early, since LOTG organizers stressed on social media that the public parking garage fills quickly and there aren't any other close, cheap parking options. Even though vendors were just starting to set up when we got there and there were literally three other people out on "the green" we were actually in for a pretty cool surprise - Local Natives were doing their sound check just as we got there.

A small crowd of 10-15 people gathered as they were getting things lined out and they actually played through several songs, lots of our favorites, even when their sound guys told them they didn't have to. They seemed like really fun, down to earth people and given how the show went later in the evening I'm so glad we got there early! (I shared a few videos on Instagram too if you want to check those out, the quality is better there than the one above.)

We walked around a bit, when we noticed how many people brought out lawn chairs and blankets we grabbed our own from the car and got a spot up front to watch the other bands. People slowly started crowding in during the second band. We weren't fans of them, but to keep out spots at the front we opted to pack  up our blanket and stand for a mediocre performance for well over an hour. It only went downhill from there...

Not only was the band before Local Natives not great, but their set was far too long and more and more people pushed their way to the front, shoved their way through to areas where there was no space, and felt the need to stand so close they were literally rubbing their bodies on you - even when all they had to do was step back just a bit so everyone could maintain their personal space. I also forgot to mention that it was 90+ degrees that day, so on top of everyone being too close they were also sticky and sweaty.

Again - this was not some big music festival or hardcore show where that kind of thing is expected - it was a free concert in the middle of the city and the whole idea was 'get here early for good places on the lawn, hang out, enjoy the show.' Some girl literally squeezed into the tiny space between me and another person and kept fluctuating between standing up on her tippy toes then back down on the flats of her feet over and over again, all the while rubbing her large chest up and down my back. Ick. I couldn't move, and was trying my damnedest not to be an asshole, but my god what is wrong with people? I stood my ground, bit my tongue, and she eventually realized what she was doing and moved away.

FINALLY it was time for Local Natives! Unfortunately that just brought more rude, unruly people pushing their way up to the front. A random girl who had been sitting near us earlier in the day and then standing through the second band turned to me and said "What do they think gives them the right to push their way up here just because the headliner is up? Some of us have been here for a long time." Completely agreed. It was after 9p and we had been there since 3:30p. In the time since we got their the crowd grew from five people to 15,000, no exaggeration - the radio station announced that it was record number of attendance for LOTG.

The positive: The band was absolutely incredible! Their music was flawless, they were entertaining, and it was so great to hear their beautiful music live. In all honesty though, Jason and I would both pay good money to see them preform pretty much anywhere else. Songs that were not for dancing, let alone thrashing, had people flailing their bodies around crazily with no regard to anyone around them. There was uncalled for crowd surfing... it's just not that kind of music, and I admittedly laughed when I saw every crowd surfer get dropped. (Hope you learned your lesson kids!) There were countless other uncalled for things that happened, all ridiculous. The crowd grew so awful that about halfway through their set we gave up. We navigated our way out of the mass of bodies, walked around to check out all the vendors, heard the last few songs we had really been looking forward to, grabbed some cakes to take home from a dessert food truck, and we got the hell out of there before the set ended. After getting trapped in a crowd of those terrible people the idea of getting trapped in traffic with them was worse.


While I love the idea of summer concert series, I wish people could restrain themselves and I don't know - not be incredibly rude and horrible. We've attended similar events in Cincinnati and I've never seen anything like this, never seen people act like this. It was a free concert! If you want a good spot, get their early or purchase the VIP passes, don't shove to the front and annoy the people who did get there early - no one owes you anything. *hops of the soapbox* Jason and I kept joking that at the ripe old ages of 26 and 28 we're too old for this kind of thing... free concerts, summer music festivals, we're just too 'uncool' to accept people rubbing their hot sweaty boobies all over us.

Just a few years ago we maybe wouldn't have minded it all so much... maybe. If we hadn't caught the sound check, which was pretty intimate in comparison to the show itself, I don't think it would have been worth it. That one short, sweet experience, about 45 minutes of the band literally fine tuning their equipment and voices, getting their settings and levels adjusted was great. Their current tour doesn't come back our way, but if you live in area and Local Natives are coming anywhere close I highly recommend checking them out! Just maybe not if the show is free... buy tickets, they're well worth it! I don't see them dropping off anytime soon, so hopefully we get another chance to see them in the future.


  1. sounds like Dustin and I at the last thing we went to. I don't remember being that rude at their age either. I respected people and their space. Ugh people. That sounds like a blast I can't wait till we get the opportunity to see some music we like or head back to Nashville some time soon.

  2. Completely agree. I have grown way too old (at 29) for outdoor concerts. Sigh. I wish it wasn't that way because I love a good outdoor concert but I am in no mood for pushing/shoving/rubbing. Yuck.


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