Wednesday, September 4, 2013

labor day weekend fun

I've needed a long weekend and a break from work for a while... unfortunately this weekend was not one for rest by any means, regardless of the holiday, but every second we spent out town was well worth it!

We traveled to Nashville to watch our alma mater play their football season opener against a school we dislike - WKU vs. UK. It was hot and tailgating was not even half as fun as it is in the fall, but we were able to head up into the stadium club and hang out in the air conditioning before the game started. Club level is the only way to go in the summer if you want to avoid feeling like you are melting, lesson learned.

Even better than all of that - the Hilltoppers did not disappoint! WKU beat UK 35-26 and we were so excited that we got to be there for it! Aside from a couple of fumbles they were incredible! New coach, lots of new players, and with so much uncertainty going into the season I think everyone was pleased with the performance. We can't wait to see what improvements come over the next week and hope their success continues with their first in a series of away games. GO TOPS!

After a long drive back that night we got up Sunday morning for a family cookout. It was great to be able to visit with everyone, see so many new babies and cousins that don't come in for other holidays and events. My little brother, Brett, was in from North Carolina for the first time since Christmas and it was great to see him! He is in the Air Force, so he doesn't get the luxury of being able to come home more than a couple of times a year. (He told me that he's read the blog before, so if you're reading this now - Hi Brett!) Of course, my baby doll Shayne was there too! Her chubby little cheeks are the best.

We finally got to catch up on some sleep and just relax on Monday. We still had a game night with friends, but it was calm and fun - the perfect end to a great weekend. Now we're both looking forward to a super short work week - only two and a half days for us! - and an extra long weekend that is far less hectic than the one that just passed. Added bonus: Football is back on Sunday!!!! (Technically it's back Thursday, but it's one game - I'm ready for a whole day!)


  1. At first I thought you meant UK as in the country, and got really confused!

    I'd love to go to an American football game, we were going to go to a baseball game last time were were in NY, but the tickets were an insane price! I wouldn't have any idea what was going on, but I bet the atmosphere is brilliant!

    Hmm maybe...

    1. Haha sorry for the confusion! If you do get the chance to see an NFL or even some of the really big college football rivalries you won't be disappointed! I've been to some minor league baseball games, but never anything major league. Tickets can get too crazy... probably why we haven't ventured to an NFL game yet too. I really hope you get the opportunity sometime!


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