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Something Borrowed: a wedding link-up {engagement story}

Welcome to the first month of the Something Borrowed Link-Up! Unfortunately we were a little late with the notice on this one, BUT we encourage you all to join in over the course of the next week while the link-up is open and we don't mind if you share a past post if you already have it on hand. This month we're talking about engagement stories. You can find my engagement story below and Sydney's over on Bumps Along The Way, link up your own in this post!

There aren't any rules for this link-up other than follow the topic. We're not going to try and make anyone follow our blogs (we'd love it if you did!) unless you like what we write about. We're not going to collect a dozen co-hosts and demand you follow them either. Follow us if you want to! Write about the topic for the month. Link up your post and read other posts to meet new bloggers. Simple as that!

we loved here.

we loved here.  :  our engagement story

Jason and I had been talking about getting married for some time when we went ring shopping in the early months of 2012. We found the perfect ring, he even ordered it, and when it came in he hid it away. After weeks of telling me "You're not getting it for a long time." I was somewhat frustrated, who wouldn't be?! But I tried to put it out of my mind... My 25th birthday was coming up and we planned an early celebration with friends. Jason's 25th birthday was a crazy night for him, so I wanted an equally fun night - and we planned just that. We went out of town, got a hotel room, he made dinner plans at a nice restaurant, and we intended to celebrate afterward by going out for drinks and dancing with friends.

In the back of my mind I was hoping he would propose, but again he was so insistent that it wasn't happening. We arrived in the city early that afternoon and headed to the hotel, where Jason left all of our bags with the valet, who really wasn't paying attention to them, and that's when I was pretty sure that there was no way a proposal was happening - who could be comfortable leave a ring sitting curbside like that? Jason wasn't worried about a thing. We got our room, headed out for a little shopping, and then back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Even if I wasn't being proposed to I wanted to wear my pretty black dress, get my make-up and hair just right, and have fun with my favorite person and some of my closest friends that night. While I spent a little too long perfecting my hair Jason was out pacing our hotel room because I was making us late for dinner... and some other plans I didn't know about.

The restaurant was nearby, but Jason had forgotten cash for the valet and it was about to rain. We walked down to the Galt House, a beautiful hotel near the restaurant, to use an ATM, only to find it was out of service and we would have to try a different one across the street. Before leaving the hotel Jason asked if I wanted to go upstairs and open my birthday present - a little black and white bag he had been carrying around. He insisted we had time before our reservation, so I said sure.

We were the only people in the sitting area on the second floor that overlooked the hotel lobby. I opened my gift to find a little book and a camera. Jason had used pictures of us, my family, our life together coupled with so many sweet words to make this amazing little book, with the final page containing only a blank space for an image that had yet to be photographed... the night we got engaged.

Admittedly, I was crying only a few pages into the book. By the time I got to the end he had dropped down on one knee, pulled the sparkly ring out of his pocket that I just knew he hadn't brought, and asked me to marry him!!! I was so excited, of course I said yes! We took a few minutes to let it sink in, but then it was back to reality - I needed to go dry my eyes and fix my make-up, and since we were actually running pretty late for our reservation, he wanted to run up and tell them we were on our way. It was such a surreal feeling! I called my Mom to let her know and headed back downstairs to meet him.

The night we got engaged! There were so few photos of us, boo.
We made it to the restaurant just as it started to rain. (Later I would find out that Jason wanted to originally propose out by the river at the Belvedere. In hindsight - running late was probably the best thing that could have happened - we would have been soaked if we had walked that far!) The staff had been told about our engagement and welcomed us so warmly, with congratulations and champagne. We had an incredible meal and the manager stopped by to congratulate us, and later on have our car pulled around so we didn't have to wait for the valet in the rain. When we got back to the hotel our friends came down from their rooms to join us for a few drinks before heading out to a few bars and clubs within walking distance. 

We drank, we danced, we celebrated my birthday, Jason and I's engagement, and just a great night in general! I don't think I could have asked for a better celebration.

*     *     *

Next month we'll be talking about choosing a wedding date and exploring venue options! (Not the specific one you chose, we're saving that for later, just tell us what kind of ideas you came up with and how you decided on the look/style for your day.)


  1. That is just the cutest story! :) Love the book idea! Creative!

  2. So cute! Great story! I love it when guys do those little things that leave you less suspicious : ) I was totally surprised for my engagement and it was the greatest!

  3. What a great story, and cute photos. I have no photos of when we got engaged, it was just the two of us at home, spur of the moment! xx


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