Thursday, August 8, 2013

meet penelope!

It seemed like World Cat Day was the perfect time to introduce our new little monster - meet Penelope! (Penny for short.)

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen kitten pictures here and there since May. My family's cat had a littler of the cutest little kittens, most of which found homes several weeks ago. My youngest brother Sam picked out his favorite furball the day they were born and named her "Pip." Regardless of how adorable they were, Jason and I constantly said "We don't need another cat." and "No, we're not taking one." to my parents, his parents, our friends, you get the idea.

One afternoon Jason stated "Pip would be the perfect cat for us... if it wasn't for her." while eyeballing Norah. Excuse me? Um, was that hope?! As cute as she was, until he said that I didn't think he was even the slightest bit interested. Actually, I don't think was really was... and while I had not been planning for to take her, that statement had me intrigued. When I learned the remaining kittens, who did not find homes, were being moved from their comfy indoor home to the outside world I really wanted to give her a chance with us, so she wouldn't be gobbled up by my brother's German Shepherd. And no, I'm not kidding.

My Mom dropped her off to visit for a weekend... Jason fell in a little bit of like with her and Norah seemed to be okay with her too, so the weekend turned into a continuation of our trial run for the next week... and even though she is very bitey and scratchy at the moment, when she snuggled up asleep in Jason's lap several nights in a row he finally said "Well, we have to keep to her. Look at her." BECAUSE SHE IS SO STINKIN' CUTE! Which is a good thing, because she can bite and scratch hard when she's being playful.

Along the way we've been calling her a number of not-name names - Babycat, StopThat, Kitten, Little Bit, Muskrat, GetDown, Fuzzball - and finally decided to take her a little more seriously and give her a real name, aside from the name Sam gave her. We settled on Penelope, but with it being such a big name for a tiny cat, Penny works just fine. (Now, to get her to learn her name...)

Things were a little rocky at first, Norah really was not a fan and tried to intimidate her by hissing. A lot. (Sorry Nori, it didn't work.) Penny is pretty fearless, and while she is still learning her boundaries with Norah, our first furmonster seems to get along with her pretty well. Just the other night Penny caught her paw in the kitchen and got scared and started meowing. We were checking her out, making sure she was okay, in the living room and Norah ran right in to attend to her, make sure she was okay. It's probably the sweetest thing Norah has ever done. Ever.

While having this rambunctious ball of energy underfoot and bouncing off the walls can be annoying and impractical at times, a few big hops across the floor and it's so hard to stay upset with her. Again - SO CUTE! A few nights ago he held her up to scold her and put his finger a few inches from her face while he talked and she stared at him for a minute, like she was really taking it all in, then reached her tiny paw up to swat at his finger a few times before pulling it back in. We both cracked up and Pennycat was free.

I also very much appreciate how much more affectionate (to us) and calm (in general) Norah is with Penny around. It only took two and half years and a kitten for that beast to chill out! She's attentive and watchful, and she's really happy that Penny has kitten chow because she loves to eat it when we're not looking.

It's also nice that she will cuddle on the couch with me now as she has never been much of a lapcat (but certainly more so with Jason than me.) So yes, that's probably enough cat stories. Happy World Cat Day!


  1. She is adorable! aaaww
    Alice xx

  2. omg!!! such a sweet babycat ♥♥♥
    I am searching for a cat now, but its hard to find one ;)
    lovely blog


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