Wednesday, August 28, 2013

bring on football season!

Hectic, stressful, fun - I think out weekend had it all! I am still in need of a few more hours of sleep after attending J's high school reunion, a local festival, and hosting our Fantasy Football draft party, and it's been a few days already. (Work really gets in the way of things.)

They Heartland Festival was Saturday, accompanied by a parade mid-morning. We slept in (missing what we were later told was an awful parade) and got up to run errands before heading over to the park to check it out. The Heartland Festival was like a mini-fair - rides and games for the kiddos, vendor booths for various local shops and boutiques, several local radios had stages for live music and talent competitions, and of course the food. We had eaten before getting to the festival and I wish we hadn't. I wanted a funnel cake so bad, but just couldn't justify it since I was still full from lunch. It was unbearably hot and we didn't stay long before heading home to cool off and then get ready for the cocktail reception portion of J's high school reunion...

There was an open bar and no one under twenty-one was allowed to attend, there was also music, a dance floor, and a lot of drink twenty-somethings. I will allow your imagination to run wild with the ridiculous potential all of those factors possess. Jason got to catch up with a lot of people, I spent some time with new friends I had made the night before during tailgating, and in the end it we both had a pretty good time. I hope my high school reunion is at least half as ridiculous and fun as J's was!

Sunday was not supposed to be a day for rest or recovery because we elected to hold our Fantasy Football draft that evening. Of course since Jason's the commissioner and formed the league we invited everyone over for a draft party. I picked last in the league (boo!) and watching the players I wanted disappear left and right was so stressful, but in the end I think I landed myself a killer team + bench. Our league isn't too big, so everyone is pretty stacked and it's sure to be a fun football season. Week one - Jason and I face each other, I'm the predicted winner :) (Don't let me down Matt Ryan!)

I've never done Fantasy Football before, so I'm excited to finally join in this year rather than just hear the guys talk about it every weekend. We're also buying a trophy, which will eventually have a name, with multiple placards so we can do this annually with our friends. My team is called The Zipper Fairies (if you haven't seen The League, get on it!) I think having it engraved on the trophy for the very first year would be amazing.

Are you playing Fantasy Football? Did your draft go well? We had a few people get kicked out of the draft and players were selected for them (yikes.) Luckily I wasn't one of them.

Now, we're counting down to WKU football! Only a few days away from the first game and I can't wait! TOPS! TOPS! TOPS!

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  1. Football season! Gotta love it!


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