Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Liebster Award and why we are not participating.

Hello friends! I have received several emails and comments over the last few months from fellow bloggers nominating this little blog for the Liebster Award. Originally started on Tumblr, We Loved Here. migrated to Blogger last year and I started following lots of new blogs and interacting more and more with new friends. One of the very first things that happened - we were nominated for a Liebster. You can read that post here (I didn't even do it right.) It was a great way for our brand new Blogger blog to make some new connections, do some sharing, and learn more about new friends.

In fact, one of the most visited and commented posts for this blog is that very Liebster Award post. It has been viewed and linked numerous times with bloggers citing the explanation of the award as the reason. (I suppose the meaning got lost somewhere along the way? I do know when you Google the award our post pops up first.)

Adding badges and links to the sidebar just isn't our style and we will not be participating again, but we do appreciate your support! For any future bloggers wishing to nominate others for the award I highly encourage using the search function on that blog and making sure they have not already participated. I know at least once a blogger seemed very offended when I emailed her back to let her know the situation and that we would not be posting again, which was not my intention at all. To me, it just seems like a one time deal and other bloggers, newer bloggers, should be given a shot to grow their blog. (We still haven't hit a 200+ GFC follower count, but that's okay.)

If you are still waiting for your Liebster - get out there! If you're searching for new blogs that deserve a little attention, that you would like to award a Liebster to, network a bit. See who has recently followed you and check out new followers on popular blog sites. New blogs are popping up every day and the bloggers usually start by following some of the most popular ones around, giving you a great resource. The concept is wonderful for new and lesser known bloggers.

If you're a We Loved Here. follower who has recently participated in a Liebster Award, share your post links below, I would love to read them. I haven't been the best blogger that last week or so, our new niece is a welcomed distraction, a cousin's birthday is this week, I have an upcoming baby shower for another nephew this weekend, and a few other things going on that you will hear about soon, but to escape from the crazy it would be nice to learn a bit more about some fellow bloggers!

Also, if there are any questions you would like to ask I am more than happy to do a Q & A post soon. Ask questions below, or send them in an email to


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  2. Hi Ashley and Jason. I do agree this Liebster Award is a one time thing. As you said, you were the first blog when I googled I have quoted your explanation.

    I have linked your site to the blog post here:

    Happy blogging!

  3. Thank u so much for your prompt answer!Just one more thing.Do i get any badge or something to embed on my sidebar?
    Thanks again so much and I'm happy to have found u and ur blog:-)
    xo Ada

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  5. too cute! I love your blog - it's so quirky!!


  6. Your blog is absolutely adorable (but I don't think your husband would appreciate the word adorable, so let's say it's also awesome! lol) I was recently contacted to take part in the Liebster Award and had no idea what this was until I googled it and found it on your blog. Thank you so much on the original post to explain everything about it! I couldn't come up with a better way to say it and plan to quote and link back to your post and blog =) Thank you kindle!



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