Monday, July 15, 2013

the newest addition to our family...

If you've been reading for a while you know that I am the oldest of ten. I have five brothers and five sisters. What you may not know is that four us were born between 1987 and 1992, back-to-back, with my youngest brother (at the time) was born just a few months before my mom's 24th birthday. I'm 26 now and can't imagine having one, let alone four kids. A few years later they decided they wanted one, maybe two more little ones... In the end they had six between 1998 and 2008 (two born after I was in college!) Sounds a little crazy to most people, but I honestly can't imagine life any other way. It is certainly never boring!

My parents have all the kids they need, want, and then some (seriously, I think they are ready to ship a few of those teenagers off.) Now, my older siblings and I are starting families of our own. My sister and her husband have a little boy, our only nephew Brody. He is three-years-old and late last week his little sister made her way into the world. Meet our first niece - Shayne Averey!

Look at that tiny smile!
I went down to visit when my sister was still at the hospital with my family. I captured some of the first few moments my younger siblings and dad had with Miss Shayne, and I even caught a few pictures of Brody the first time he decided to interact with her all day. (He's a little bit jealous, and a lot disinterested.) I didn't stay long before heading back home and telling Jason all about her. 

We made plans to come down and see everyone again once they made it home, as long as my sister was up for visitors, this weekend. We had gifts that I've been collecting for months, we spent the evening together just hanging out, and Jason and I cooked dinner for everyone before heading home. It's one of the few times we've been able to just spend time with my sister and her family and that's something I definitely want to do more.

Shayne is a doll! She is also a pro at sleeping, more so than pretty much every newborn I've encountered. She never opens her eyes for more than a second and falls asleep constantly when eating. I haven't even heard her cry yet. There are no words for how much we all love this little one already. 

Brody "petting" his new sister. (His wording, not mine.)
I walked into the hospital room to this this fuzzball.

Shayne and Uncle Jason!

Me and my favorite niece :)


  1. Aaaw, she is so cute! :3 You are so lucky to have her as your niece! I'm so happy for your sister! :D
    Alice xx

  2. Your blog is really good. We have nominated you for the Liebster award! Make sure you check out our blog and answer the questions.

    Good luck xx


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