Monday, July 1, 2013

hello summer! {playlist}

I've mentioned previously that I am not a huge fan of the summer heat, but I will say that I am a fan of being able blare my music from my car speakers with the windows down while I drive on occasion. In my opinion - summer is the ideal time for doing so. Now that the season is official (even though it has felt like it since late April) I'm sharing my summer playlist below with a few of my favorites that will be getting lots of play in the coming months:


You can listen above, follow the playlist on Spotify if you like (I will likely make additions,) or you can grab any songs you like for your own playlists.

ps. I will make zero apologies for the multiple tracks from the new Fall Out Boy album  :) I was pleasantly surprised by how good the album is, and it is such great driving music.

What artists and/or songs are on your summer playlist?


  1. I LOVE FALL OUT BOY! Okay, sorry, just had to share that with you... Anyway, I love basically all these songs!! Love your blog :D
    Alice x

  2. I am liking the new fall out boy as well! Patrick stumps voice is amazing. I am loving the great gatsby soundtrack. I'm so behind on music! I love summer time for the kids . But man I can't wait till fall.

  3. I love this album!

    My new Summer album is the self titled album by Paramore :)!


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