Sunday, July 7, 2013

celebrating the 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July with my family this year by heading out to my aunt and uncle's for a cookout and fireworks. It rained off and on all day and it was relatively cool for July, but everyone still had a great time! They set up canopy tents for grilling and anyone who wanted to eat outside, they planned activities for the kids to do, and of course, once it was dark there were fireworks.

I made a strawberry and blueberry poke cake for the occasion, and not just because it's red, white, and blue - it's also delicious! It's a light cake and it's served cold, which is great for summer. I use this recipe and make a few slight alterations of my own and it is perfect. If you're looking for a new cake to try I highly recommend it!

It rained all through Friday and Saturday, so we didn't venture out to any community firework shows (they may have even cancelled them because of the rain now that I think about it.) Rather we did spend some time watching movies and doing lots of reading.

Jason picked up a Nook HD+ tablet for us, so if anyone has any tips or tricks for using it, or insight on how to lend/borrow things, please let me know!We do have access to the Nook store, Kindle store, and Google Play marketplace so we at least have our bases covered when it comes to accessing apps, books, magazines, etc. if nothing else. I'm currently in the middle of A Game Of Thrones (I'm buying them all in paperback) so it may be a while before I read any boos on the Nook, but so far it's great for Twitter, Bloglovin', and Candy Crush! And Jason is enjoying lots of comics. (If you have an favorite tablet apps, I'd love to hear those too!)

Now, to take advantage of the last little bit of the weekend! I have a feeling that after a five day break work is going to be a little crazy tomorrow...


  1. Okay. So, I stumbled across your blog somehow and couldn't stop reading. :) Umm, party planning, revamping funky furniture pieces, foreign horror flicks AND an upcoming wedding... we may be twins.

  2. The looks so nice!!
    I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award!! I love your blog and I hope you will answer the questions!! :D
    Alice xx

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award!


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