Friday, May 10, 2013

friday thoughts.

I haven't just written a post on a whim in a while, and with this Friday dragging on and my refusal to go out into the monsoon for lunch, I'm taking that break to step away from my tasks briefly for the sake of my sanity. So, a few thoughts for this rainy Friday afternoon:

-I'm hungry. I had cranberry Red Bull and a banana on my way to work at 8am and for some reason I feel like I haven't eaten in two days. I rarely eat breakfast and it figures that when I do it makes me feel more hungry. Also: I just wrote three paragraphs about eating my hand and deleted them, you're welcome. I think it was only funny to me because I feel brain dead after this day.

-I made an awesome dinner last night and I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we have it again. Seasoned chicken breast with spinach + shiitake mushrooms and rosemary gnocchi. We also had a dijon mustard cream sauce that I made as a back up (in case the gnocchi or spinach + mushrooms didn't turn out well) that actually paired well with everything. And now I am more hungry just thinking about it.

-I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because we have plans outdoors.

-I hope it doesn't rain on Mother's Day because, well, that's just not cool.

-I feel so incredibly lucky that I have the amazing mother that I do. She is an incredible woman and I know that for a lot of reasons some people aren't so lucky, and while I hate that for anyone it makes me that much more grateful. When I was little and people would tell me "You are your Mama made over!" there were times when I would get so frustrated and tell them "I don't look like her! I don't act like her!" I'm sure it either made them laugh, or made them think I was a brat, but it never made anyone stop telling me that. By the time she was my age she already had four kids, so there are certainly some differences, but any more when someone says those words, suggests I'm anything like her in any way it makes me smile. She is one of the greatest ladies I have ever known, and ever will know, so now I take that as a huge compliment.

-She made me a birthday cake last week, just like she's done for every birthday I've ever had. It was huge. We didn't even make a dent in it.

-Jason's mom also made me a cake. Also huge, no dents made.

-Jason's mom is one awesome lady too.

-Last Mother's Day when we went to Jason's parents' house there was a snake. (Bear with my horrible description please.) Part of their house has a stone wall and the stones stick out past where the mortar connects them, so the snake got in and had his body all bent around the various stones. This is not the first time this has happened by the way, oh, and it's right by the front door. Needless to say, I was not okay with this. Jason's family loves animals, more than people, so unlike a lot of people who would probably want to kill it and keep it away from the door the plan was to get him down and move him back over into the more wooded area behind their house. I stayed back and took an amazing video of Jason's dad getting the snake off the wall and trying to get him into what (I think) was a cloth bag to take him down to the trees alive, screaming the whole time. Jason and his mom tried to help and they eventually put him back where he needed to be. It was hilarious and unfortunately I am forbidden to ever post the video online, so I hope your imagination sufficed.

Okay, that's all I have time for, hopefully the next little bit will pass quickly. I am ready to get the weekend started -first by eating something, and then relaxing after this stressful work week, and of course, by spending some time with our wonderful mamas. Hopefully it will be a snake free Mother's Day weekend!

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