Monday, May 20, 2013

a bookcase for everything

I am dying to get back to IKEA so we can pick up our Expedit bookcase and desk. We've been talking about making this happen for far too long, and since we're not willing to pay the cost of shipping (Over $100 and we still have to assemble? Nope.) it will be a 6 hour drive round-trip. We have a lot of stuff, some to store and some to display, and we want to make this shelving unit both functional and stylish so I've been scouring the web for ideas. I think I have a pretty nice and inspiring collection to consult so far:

via Design Sponge.

via In The Hushed Hours.

via Dans le Townhouse.

via The Decorologist.

via Apartment Therapy.
So many options to consider. We will have to buy file folders/totes for some of the cubes for sure. I think we're firmly set on the white finish, although the one dark example I have above is easily a favorite. Fingers crossed we make the trip back up soon, I can't wait to clear some clutter in the office and have a proper work space. Jason stays even busier than I do with his business, freelance work, and regular job, and while I know he's ready for new furniture, I hope the organization of the space helps with the stress of all the things he has taken on.

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