Tuesday, April 23, 2013

our wedding: we booked our venue!

We have officially set a date and booked our venue for September of 2014! We looked online for almost a year and contacted several places in hopes of hosting our ceremony and reception at the same place. The more we looked the more it became obvious that venues in the Louisville area are very pricey when it comes to hosting both (or even just hosting a reception after I've talked to a few other bloggers, eek!) Thousands of dollars for a short ceremony, and thousands and thousands more for the reception... and I am just talking for the space - not the chairs/tables, decorations, photography, catering, nothing else. I'm not sure who sets or defines those prices, but as much as we love the city a lot of places were nixed from our list based solely on {absolutely ridiculous} cost.

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of places that we seriously considered, but just didn't make the cut in the end:

Ceremony: City Properties
Reception: Muhammad Ali Center

When I found the above wedding on line I was in love. How gorgeous is that ceremony site? On the photography website the only info listed was for the Muhammad Ali Center, which was also where the reception was held for this same wedding. When I contacted the event coordinator there seemed to be a lot of confusion - although there is a structure similar to the one above, this one is atop a parking garage downtown apparently? And would be a rental fee through a City Management group. I could never get any clear information about it, and on top of that the Ali Center's reception costs and catering rules were so much more than we wanted to spend and abide by. Gorgeous space (seriously, that ceremony) but it just wasn't meant to be.


Ceremony + Reception: Glassworks

Somewhere along the way we started seeing rooftop ceremonies at various venues and at first, we were really on board with the idea. We discovered Glassworks, which we could have made work financially, but the possibility of rain in September made me worry about chancing it. They do provide an indoor back up space, and I even had a friend that said she attended a wedding in that space because of rain, but I couldn't stand the thought of planning a rooftop ceremony, above a city that we love with the skyline in the background suddenly moving indoors. It sounded like such a disappointment. So, if you're looking for a Louisville wedding and weather isn't a major concern I will more than suggest checking this space out!

So, where did we decide on?

Ceremony + Reception: The Pointe!

We fell in love with the rental space at first sight, which says a lot because saying this place is a gem is an understatement! The first photos we saw were online and they reflected the style we were looking for - not quite industrial, something with an art gallery feel but definitely wedding appropriate. (Does that make any sense to anyone other than us?) Unfortunately being a new space we weren't able to find too much info online, or any photos that do it justice. We knew we had to see it in person.

The Atrium, seriously, Instagram is doing it no justice.

Tucked away just off the edge of downtown in the newly revitalized Butchertown neighborhood, The Pointe is exactly what we were looking for. After worries about downtown parking, pricing, space, and the overall look and feel for our special day we managed to find the perfect location. We're near downtown without being in the heart of it, which should be convenient for our guests. The building has stunning original hardwood floors throughout and has undergone renovations not only to restore it's own historical elements, but some projects have included bringing in lumber and hardwood from other historical sites in town that was going to be disposed of. The more we learned about this place, the more it just felt right.

The Barrel Room!

Our ceremony will be held in the Atrium, and the reception will take place in the Barrel Room above (this is the space that completely sold this place for me.) It's huge without being too over the top, and we will have adequate space for guests, dancing, a DJ, and catering to set up. The gorgeous hardwood floors run throughout, the outer wall is all windows allowing for natural light and dark, and even the inner walls have windows so that if guests do step out into the hall or go to the restroom for any reason they have the ability to see in the room and not miss anything. We love it and can't wait to get married here!

I wish I could have snapped a few more really nice photos when we went in to sign our contract, but a wedding was already set up (and it was not cute) so the shots above are from our visit last fall when I only had my phone on hand.

(Melissa  you were definitely right - just booking the venue is such a relief!)


  1. I'm SO excited for you both, and I absolutely love the space!! Before you know it you're going to be walking down the aisle. :)


  2. Congratulations! Booking the venue is one of the most stressful decisions once the wedding planning begins!!!

  3. Congrats on finding such a lovely site! It looks beautiful!


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