Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Go, go go!

I can't believe it's already Tuesday (at least, it was when I wrote this) and I'm just now getting on my laptop for the first time since well, last week some time. (Discounting the organization of my phone over the weekend when I completely ran out of storage.) Busy feels like such an understatement and I, for one, am utterly exhausted. So, what have we been up to? After non-stop work for weeks and weeks, probably months honestly, we took off a few days for an extra long weekend starting last Thursday.

We headed down to Nashville for Jason's birthday present- a Predators hockey game! We've both been counting down the days since he got the tickets last month. Me, because I love Nashville and had never attended a hockey game. And Jason because he hadn't been to a game in years!

We started the day off grabbing lunch at one of our favorites, Fido. All of their food is incredible! Fresh, local ingredients, fantastic menu, reasonable prices, and if that's not convincing - there is almost always a nice long line of people patiently waiting for all of their yummy food, coffee, tea, baked goods, everything! I tried their smoked turkey and brie sandwich (prior to this trip we'd only had their breakfast and coffee) with tomato, lettuce, aioli, and basil + walnut pesto and a side cup of chili, and it was delicious! I even picked up all of the ingredients to make it at home, including homemade aioli.

Fido had a very interesting space cat display throughout the shop.
We also had a drink at Flying Saucer, stopped by Grimey's record store, and ran in the Mall at Green Hills before heading to Bridgestone Arena. For future reference: parking in downtown Nashville is a nightmare on game nights. We got in just in time for the start of everything, we even noticed Big Red, our alma mater's mascot hanging out with the Predator's mascot.

I won't bore you with details of the game, but only being eleven rows from the ice was a great first time experience! Jason loved his present, we had a lot of fun - we even made it on the Kiss Cam!- and I think the only thing that would have made it better is if our Preds had won. Regardless - still a great time!

Big Red sighting at the game. Go Tops!

All the mascots jamming to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Our view from the parking structure of the new arena. Can't wait to attend events in there!

That aforementioned parking nightmare is also a nightmare when it comes to exiting downtown after a game. We wanted to eat before making the drive back (a few hours home) and drove back down Broadway to Tavern, which is one of the few late night restaurants in the area. We'd never been before, but were pretty happy to trying anything that wasn't fast food. Their food was great! So many options to choose from, and lots of Asian inspired dishes - including Korean short rib tacos. I tried kale for the first time and really liked it, so I think that's something I am going to try and make at home too. (I just have no idea what was in the salad.)

We crashed after we got home, of course. Friday we took in some Bioshock Infinite (great game!) and then headed into Louisville to meet friends for Evil Dead. If you're a classic, gory horror fan it's a must see for sure. It's not full of suspenseful jump moments that freak most people out in scary movies, but the bloodiness of it may really bother some people. We loved it! I was especially pleased to see that it was so much better than the original. (Which, I hated.) 

Saturday afternoon (after sleeping waaaaay in) we headed back into Louisville to join friends for the Louisville Cardinals Final Four game. Hours upon hours at a restaurant/bar but so much fun, good food, and a great game that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Admittedly, this was my first time watching a U of L game out at a local bar full of fans and it was definitely an experience. The big group next to us reacted as if we were at the game, even shouting when the other team made free throws, ha! We made some new friends, caught up with some we hadn't seen in a while, and came pretty close to losing our voices after lots of yelling and cheering. 

Sunday I pretty much refused to leave the house and  my phone was refusing to take photos and I just needed a break from the running, J too. It was such a nice day outside so we opened all the windows and relaxed for the most part. We played Bioshock more, Jason handled laundry, and of course there was the MAD MEN premiere! So freaking amazing! The lovey sunny, warm day was less than pleasant that night. Our apartment was so hot. Since it's supposed to cool back down this week we are trying to keep the air off until it's consistently warm. Needless to say, I barely slept before getting up and going in to work for the first time in four days.

After a long day for both of us we came home in a mad rush to make dinner and cook appetizers because after our Cards won their Final Four match up we invited people over to watch the NCAA Championship. I don't know what we were thinking! So tired, but still a good night - our Cards came out on top and the men are 2013 NCAA Champions! YAY!!!! 

Came home to these shirts Tuesday afternoon!
Tuesday, also brutal since with so little sleep, oh, and the birds that woke me up at dawn outside. Later that night Louisville's Lady Cards played their hearts out against UConn in the women's NCAA Championship final, but they weren't as successful as the men - still wonderful job on their part for a great season and making it as far as they did in the tourney!

Whew. What a week! I am very much looking forward to this upcoming weekend and hopefully some really good, wonderful, and well deserved sleep.

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