Friday, April 26, 2013

exploring the flea off market

Other than booking our venue, we spent that same Saturday checking out booths at The Flea Off Market. If you're from the Louisville area you may have heard of it, if not - it's essentially an outdoor bazaar/flea market where you can find a little bit of everything - there are food trucks if you're hungry, vintage clothing/jewelry/furniture, records, handmade jewelry and crafts, home decor, all natural baby items, kittens (at times), and more. You can even buy a cocktail or beer and drink while you shop!

(You can read more details for The Flea over on Creative Sweet. For here, we'll try to keep it a bit more personal.)

Jason and I both found out about the community event through Instagram. Louisville Music Culture has quickly become a favorite to follow because not only do they share images and inform followers about music events, but various local events as well. When we saw the post we knew we had to go! Coincidentally we were meeting with our prospective wedding venue coordinator person that same day, so we needed something to do to kill a little time. Not only did we explore the market while we waited, but we went back to purchase a few items after our meeting.

Loved this booth - retro furniture, home decor, and decanters

The event is held once a month, usually the second Saturday (and Sunday sometimes) and we are certainly making it a point to go every month if possible. I scored a hobnail milk glass vase exactly like one I missed out on online a few months ago, plus some fun retro floral napkins that I'm loving for summer. I also snagged some all natural, handmade baby goodies for my nephew who will be here in September. Jason found a record by a local band (and based on how surprised and excited he was, I think it must have been both good, out of press, and/or a limited pressing.) The more I think about it, the more I think I am considering incorporating milk glass into our centerpieces for the wedding (maybe) so, this may be the place to snag quite a few pieces at reasonable prices...

I had a headache developing the entire time we were there, and while my head was miserable I couldn't resist walking back through the market a couple of more times just to make sure we didn't miss something. The weather was nice, the wind wasn't even too bad, we met the cutest little puppy, and if only we hadn't stuffed our faces prior to stopping by I would have been all over those food trucks! (Now we know for next time. I will also be taking some ibuprofen with me, just in case.)

We're also supposed to check out Second Saturday locally too, which makes me wonder what's all the fuss over the second Saturday of each month? So, currently taking suggestions on how to be in two places at once, that are approximately 40 miles apart.

Do you enjoy any community events in your area, that you can't resist venturing too on a regular basis? Especially if you're in the Louisville/Cincinnati/Nashnille area - please share in the comments below, we love finding new things to do!

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