Monday, April 22, 2013

and we waited.

After the Boston Marathon tragedy last week it just didn't feel right to go on and on here on the blog about anything from the weekend prior. While we did have a fun time and we did make one big step for our wedding, I opted to step away from blogging for the week.


Instead I sought out press conferences, watched the news non-stop, listened via live stream instead of music at work, and waited. My company's main office is in Boston and luckily the co-workers participating in the race were unscathed, but many were not so lucky. We felt the effects Friday when the city was shut down, our offices closed, and the people who had made it in that morning were sent home. And we waited.

Jason and I sat on the couch Friday evening as citizens of the Watertown and Boston area were told they could leave their homes. A press conference was held that made it sound the like the police were at a loss for the remaining suspect's whereabouts. Having worked in news and having a general idea about how investigations worked, we assumed that law enforcement knew much more than the were letting on and it was likely for good reason. We hoped that over the course of the evening the suspect would gain a false sense of security, try to flee. We left for dinner and came home to news that the suspect had been found and was in the process of being brought into custody, alive. We were so happy for the people of Boston, for the nation.

There will never be a reason that is good enough to answer the lingering questions of "Why?" and "What was all this for?" but hopefully in the coming days, weeks, and months we will get a better understanding of what led these two men down this horrible path that led to the death of one, and is going to cost the other his life in one way or another.

Today I'm choosing to focus on remembering the victims of this tragedy, not those who caused it. This has been an incredibly hard week for so many people and my only hope is that it does not cause anyone to live in fear of potential tragedies. I know many of us still have our thoughts on Boston and our hearts with its people.

This afternoon at 2:50pm, the time the first bomb went off, there will be a moment of silence for those who have suffered through this devastating event.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! It's been hard to me to think about regular blog topics after such a tragedy. I appreciate reading how others are moving forward.


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