Sunday, April 28, 2013

a quiet weekend at home... and foreign horror films.

After endless weeks of plans and running around non-stop I put my foot down as far as plans for this weekend went - I wanted some time spent doing nothing, at home. We've spent so many weekends away for holidays, family functions, birthday parties, community events, and with friends that it was just wearing me down. As much as I enjoy doing all of those things we've been up to, I needed a break.

Last weekend at Thunder Over Louisville

We have had quite the rainy, gloomy weekend around here - the best kind to spend at home. (Well, I saw that now, as the sun is creeping out from the clouds.) I finally got to tackle the mess that has been accumulating in our laundry room and kitchen. Jason helped, of course. And while he headed off to visit a friend and play music I got to spend a few hours re-designing the blog while watching horror foreign films.

I'm not sure if any of our readers are fans of horror at all, but if you are ESPECIALLY foreign horror, please comment below and share your favorites! I would love to hear them. Foreign horror films are my favorite, so much scarier than American horror films. And for anyone that isn't a fan of reading movies, if you love horror as much as I do I promise you, the reading is so worth it.

I watched [Rec] 3, a Spanish horror flick where people get extremely sick at a wedding and well, let's just say worst wedding of all time. (The original [Rec] was much more freaky than the American re-make Quarantine, and I have yet to see [Rec] 2, but it didn't make a difference.) I liked it, not as scary as some horror films but it wasn't bad at all.

And then Jason came home while I was watching Hell, a German horror film about a group of people seeking sanctuary from the heat (Earth's temps have risen 10 degrees and turned much of the world into a desert, and everyone burns easily when exposed to sunlight.) As they travel complications arise, they get tricked and trapped by others, and what these other people are up to is really messed up. I didn't like this one as much as the first, but it was more realistic where the other one was more gory. I've been trying to talk J into watching more horror films - foreign or American, he just doesn't love them like I do. (He also doesn't share my love of pizza, so whatever!)

It was nice to have those few hours to myself. After all, sometimes you just need to do something nerdy and get away from everything else.

*   *   *
Today is also the anniversary of our engagement! I can't believe a whole year has flown by. It makes me so nervous that this next year will be the same way. We have SO MUCH planning to do. Please let it all slow down!

My birthday dinner, right after Jason proposed last year!
Celebrating with out friends on 4th Street
The night Jason proposed was such a fun night! I thought I was just going to have a night out, celebrating my 25th birthday with my friends (a few days early) but we also got to celebrate our engagement! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! We're going out of town for my birthday this year, but sorry J, you just can't top last year ;)

Now that we have a venue I guess we need to buckle down on a few other things... Right now I'm hoping to have a dress (picked out and ordered) by the end of summer and engagement photos in the fall, so we can use them and send out save the dates. I probably need to ask people to be in the bridal party and pick colors too... So far - I'm really bad at this wedding planning business!

I'm going to flip through some bridal magazines, try to convince this man that one more scary movie is a great idea, and maybe tweak the new blog design I did this weekend. Of course, Mad Men later. If you watch too - tweet with me about it. (I'm pretty good about keeping it vague and not posting spoilers too, if you don't want to tweet with my about it but would like to follow me on Twitter.)

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