Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII {the ads}

Jason and I both share a love of advertising (as well as football) so the Super Bowl is one of those "must see" events for both of us. A lot of commercials released online days and weeks prior to the game, but we didn't seek them out. In fact, the Doritos "Goat 4 Sale" commercial was the only one we saw before the game and that was because someone pulled it up on a computer during the Puppy Bowl. Quite a few great ads ran during the game and I wanted to share my three favorites here on the blog.

Chrysler Ram "To the farmer in all of us"

Budweiser "Brotherhood"

Samsung "The Big Pitch"

Chrysler's commercial for the Dodge Ram was incredibly powerful. When it ended I just sat there in awe for a moment. It made you stop and pay attention and it made you think, just like good advertising is supposed to do. And while I think it struck a chord for a lot of people across the nation, it especially hit home for anyone living in the southern region of the US where farming is such a vital part of every day life.

I believe Budweiser's commercial with their symbolic Clydesdale colt growing up and moving on tugged at everyone's heartstrings. Although Jason and I both discussed that it came across like we were being sold the horse and not the beer, well, Budweiser can keep on advertising horses to me forever because I loved this spot!

My favorite comedic ad was Samsung. I love Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen together. I have seen Knocked Up more times than any person ever needs to admit because I love their interaction so much. And even though I'm an iPhone user, it was hilarious watching them make fun of Apple. It also didn't hurt to see Bob Odenkirk outside of Breaking Bad and Lebron James was pretty awesome too, so for me this ad was solid.

I a lot of the commercials, but these three just really stood out for me. Kudos to these companies for producing stellar spots, something not every brand or company managed to do. I can easily say that much like our Super Bowl party, I can't wait for next year!

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