Monday, February 18, 2013

a valentine's post

Jason is busy working I have the day off and nothing important to do, so this seemed like a good time to put a post together and share a little about our Valentine's Day. We realized a few weeks ago that the holiday was going to fall on a work day and only a few days after I got new wires on my braces (which is still not pleasant.) Jason offered to cook anything I thought I could eat, and I wanted to make a surprise dessert for him.

I came home to a lovely red and pink bouquet! It's nice to have so much color in the kitchen. We exchanged a few small gifts, and he got me the prettiest card from Rifle Paper Co. - one of my favorite paper goods shops. He's very, very awesome :) I am so lucky to have met such a kind-hearted, thoughtful person to call mine. I ran across a few Adventure Time cards while browsing Etsy a few weeks ago and ordered the Fiona card for him immediately, which he loved!

Jason helped me make a peanut butter pie (without knowing what it was for most of the recipe) before cooking our steak dinner. Everything was delicious! We ate, we talked, we spent time together and Jason also spontaneously decided to buy a Wii after dinner. We spent the rest of our evening playing the New Super Mario Bros. game together. So much fun! I loved every minute of our evening and that I get to celebrate holidays (Hallmark or otherwise) with my favorite person.

Four Valentine's Day down, and many more to go!


  1. I love rifle paper co!! What a wonderfully relaxing valentines day!

  2. Rifle Paper Co. can literally do no wrong. Sounds like a fabulous Valentine's Day!

  3. I Love Mario Games!!! LOL! :)

    Following from the blog hop! :)

  4. Beautiful flowers and now I'm craving a peanut butter pie.

    Stopping by from the linkup!


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