Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"but at least the ones i have still sparkle"

Tomorrow is not going to be fun - my first day back to work since December 20. The holidays kept us busy and I've had a lazy day or two, but almost every day there was something going on, somewhere to be or something to be done. I'm soaking in this calm, sunny day listening to albums on the record player, and trying not to be too frustrated with nosy Norah who has been under my feet all day.

I could be putting away the rest of our holiday decor. I could be doing laundry. I could be reading the book I borrowed from a friend on New Year's eve. I could be working on a new layout for the blog. I could be doing a lot of things, but right now I'm enjoying the sunlight that is streaming in through our new curtains, Dear & The Headlights playing in the background, and my seemingly never-ending search for decently priced accent pillows for our living room.

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with my favorite and watching the Sugar Bowl, which will be the last college game for any of our teams until next fall. (Go Cards!) Everything else, can wait.


  1. Sometimes it's nice to just sit. I cleaned/put away holiday decor/was way too busy on new year's day! Wish I had just enjoyed it too

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. There are always things you could or should be doing. Enjoy life! I like the record player too! :) Beautiful!


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