Friday, November 30, 2012

what i've been pinning...

More than anything I try to use my Pinterest for useful things - recipes, feasible DIY projects, paper goods, inspiration, and so on. I refuse to create boards solely dedicated to cute animals, pretty vacation spots, or internet memes. I'm not knocking you if you do! Pin all of the someecards and red pandas you want (sometimes I do browse the boards of others.) I just find Pinterest to be a huge distraction in some ways and because I've spent too much time on the internet those things just seem more Tumblr appropriate to me, and I quit Tumblr some time ago. If I pin it I want to make it, eat it, wear it, own it, have it at my wedding, put it in my house - you get the idea.

It probably sounds incredibly dorky, but I get excited when I find exactly what I'm looking for - either on the site or the web - and get to pin it so I can look back on it later. I love having a bookmarking system with a photo and my own caption, it's so much easier to track down things. So, now that I've overshared on my Pinterest use I want to share some of my favorite Pinterest discoveries as of late!

We've discussed doing a wine and cheese party with friends more than once, and I'm fairly certain I want to make this happen sooner rather than later. I found this awesome post just last night!
I am in love with the dark walls and the painting from this room. We can't paint right now, but I would love to have navy walls/accent wall in our future home.
If you read my post about Christmas decor in our apartment you're well aware of how much I'm loving this holiday craft! Click-through the image to make your own.

My littlest brother asked if I made cookies for Thanksgiving, which I did not. So, for Christmas I'm going to make sure he has these adorable cookies to look forward to!
Love this color combo! I pinned this a while back and still don't have it in my closet, but hopefully I can work something out. I need more brights in my winter wardrobe.

Are you a Pinterest fiend? Please share any favorite pins that are on your radar in the comments section! And of course, if you're not already following, have a look around and do so if you'd like!

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