Wednesday, November 21, 2012

holiday gift guide: for him

If you've already caught yourself pondering "What should I get my boyfriend/fiance/husband/father/brother for Christmas?" you are not alone. I've see variations of this question floating around social media for weeks now, and I've even been asked what kind of gifts I buy Jason. My answer to both of those questions is simple: Things he likes!

More than anything I try to make mental notes of things he mentions that he would like to have, or that he needs, in the months leading into the holidays. If I find myself coming up short, I ask him to give me a few ideas, or I creep his wish lists on various sites. (I highly suggest creating wish lists for any and every one.) It's so much more fun to gift people things you know they want.

Now, if you're clueless on what to buy any of the men in your life, if you're coming up short on ideas, or maybe you just want a fresh perspective, more possibilities I have something to share - my Holiday Gift Guide for Him! I am sharing a few variations of things Jason is getting, a few things he's noted as being good gift options, and more in hopes that it will help someone out with this holiday madness. Enjoy!

1. ASOS Fairisle Socks $8.80
2. Urban Outfitters Moustache Socks $8
3. Ted Baker Stags Head Socks $21.11
4. Neiman Marcus Double-Zip Travel Bag $33
5. Jack Black Balm Squad Lip Quad $25
6. Coffee Cup Power Inverter $24.99
7. Fossil Olive Half-Zip Sweater $88
8. Black Ops II PS3 $59
9. J. Crew Fox Brothers wool herringbone tie $79.50
10. 007 Field Notes, pack of three $9.95
11. Anthropologie Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brewing Kit $40
12. GAP Lived-in wash plaid shirt $44.96
13. The Dark Knight Trilogy $29.96
14. Ted Baker Wool Striped Scarf $59
15. Skagen Leather Strap Watch $110
16. Neiman Marcus Lizard-Print Leather Belt $19.20
17. Express Marled Knit Flip Top Gloves $29.90
18. NBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook $18.91
19. Old Navy Sherpa-Lined Canvas Jacket $52.50
20. Ted Blu-ray combo pack $24.86
21. Urban Outfitters Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford $58
22. Dodocase for J.Crew iPad with camera hole $59.99-$80
23.  The Art of Shaving 4 Elements Kit $25
24. Godinger Hammered Bar Set $59.40


  1. Nice list! I especially like all the socks you picked out!

  2. Great ideas! I especially love the bar set and travel bag!

  3. These are amazing gift ideas, thanks for sharing! In support I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details on the Liebster and I hope you can also tell me what you think of Simply Lulu Style. All the best!
    XO - Lulu

    1. Thanks for visiting! I actually accepted a Liebster Award when I was a newer blogger, so I won't be redoing that post but I appreciate the nom!

  4. Bumped into your blog. I love it!

    New follower!

    ♥, Sarah
    The Life of a Redhead

  5. i was just searching for some awesome gift ideas - i want to gift my boyfriend something cute and useful this christmas! This is cute, even Call of Duty is included. hahah!

    {the Picablocks}

    1. Awesome! Black Ops is amazing! I play it more than my fiance :p


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