Sunday, November 25, 2012

holiday gift guide: for her

I have been so lost on what I actually want for Christmas this year. Jason asked for several weeks that I tell him things, update wish lists, and my family has done the same. There are a lot of impractical things I would love to have, but as far as affordable, reasonable gift options it took some time. Many of my requests were home oriented -tea towels, coffee tumblers or mugs, and I had a rug on a wish list there for a minute and then felt silly about it and removed it. I finally got a few ideas together for him, and mostly just requested gift cards from family (since none of them are online shoppers) that could be combined and used on bigger items (a new coffee table perhaps.)

Some of my recent purchases that I love made the list (see: #2 & #5 in particular) and other things that I ran across while working on this guide... some of which I then had to include on my own wish list! These gifts aren't just good for significant others either, I know my mom and grandmother would both like some of these things (Jason's mom too!) Like the Gift Guide for Him I tried to keep this one budget-friendly as well,  most people don't just have tons of money to toss around, even on Christmas presents. I'm sure I'm missing a few things that should probably be on every woman's gift wish list out there, so please feel free to comment and let me know if there's something you're dying for that I haven't included!

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dream Logo 11in laptop case $59
2. Anne Klein Indoor Ballet Slipper $25
3. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook $19.75
4. Birds Thermal Mug by Jonathon Adler $15
5. Capri Blue Jar Candle, Red $28
6. C Wonder Ikat Nesting Bowls $58
7. J. Crew Refined Cashmere Silk Wrap $75
8. Land's End Chevron Cotton Blanket $39-99
9. Peapod Green Polka Dot iPhone Case $39.99
10. J. Crew Make Up Pouch $25
11. J. Crew Classic Merino Long Wool Cardigan $49.99-89.50
12. Nate Berkus for Target Small Urn $22.99
13. Rifle Paper Co. 2012 Antionette Calender Print $20
14. Kate Spade Chandelier Earrings $98
15. Forever 21 Geo Necklace $10.80
16. Modcloth My Deer Mug $26.99
17. Modcloth Charm in Arm Coffee Mug $17.99
18. Nate Berkus for Target Box $24.99
19. C Wonder Indigo Collection Mug $3.99
20. Fergalicious Boho Wester Bootie $49.95
21. MAC Perfectly Plush Advanced Brush Kit $49.50
22. Studiopatro Forever Dot tea towel $24


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