Monday, November 5, 2012

a long weekend in nashville (pt. 1)

We were not planning to take any kind of vacation or trip this year, it just wasn't in the cards... and then we decided that we needed a break, to get away from everything, everyone, room to breathe. Jason suggested spending a long weekend out of town and I was completely on board. We thought about Cincinnati for a bit, we love the city, but then Nashville came to mind and we ran with the idea since neither of us had been in years.

What was intended to be a couple of days in the city grew by one additional day when we found out that a band we both love, Minus The Bear, would be in town around the same time we were planning to visit. We did a little shifting, added the extra day, booked a hotel near the venue for one night, and we made it happen. The drive down was beautiful and we had the entire afternoon to roam around until the show that night at the Cannery Ballroom.

We visited the Mall at Green Hills, Third Man Records, ate lunch at Flying Saucer, and eventually checked into our room to get ready for the show.

Jack White's record store - open, but under construction during our visit.
This is "Musica" - a statue of a bunch of dancing nudists.


Opening for Minus The Bear was Cursive, one of Jason's favorites. They put on quite a preformance themselves, but for me it was all about MTB. However, if Cursive had played "The Casualty" I probably would have flipped out though, it's an old song but it's one of my favorites of theirs. (My apologies in advance for the pixelation in some of the photos. I cannot figure out why that is happening when I upload because the images do not appear that way when I bring them up on my computer.)

Bells for "The Recluse"

I've enjoyed Minus The Bear's music for years, but as incredible as this band sounds on an album they are immensely better live - I am always surprised and elated when that happens. It was truly a remarkable show and if we have the opportunity to see them again in the future, we're taking it! There just really are no words for how wonderful it was to see them live.

Opening with "Steel and Blood"

Favorite photo.

I think this is from the "Lonely Gun" encore, but not sure.

"Pachuca Sunrise" encore - night made!
The entire show I waited for two songs - "Lonely Gun" from their new album, Infinity Overhead, and "Pachuca Sunrise" an old favorite and probably one of their most popular songs. They walked off the stage at the end of the night without playing either one and to say I was bummed was an understatement, sure the show had been amazing but not hearing either song? Both being decently popular? Then I thought "Well, even if they do an encore if they play either song it will be one, or the other, but not both."

The band returned to the stage for an encore and started playing "Lonely Gun" and I was so excited!! Truthfully, I had wanted to hear the other song more, but this was still great. When the song ended however they didn't leave the stage, they started playing a second song and it was "Pachuca Sunrise" - dead. I couldn't believe that they played both songs, let alone back to back, and as the the encore. It was the perfect end to such an incredible show and I am so happy that we were able to attend!

The Cannery Ballroom was a pretty awesome venue too. I was afraid we would lose our place in the crowd if we went for drinks so we didn't move all night, other than to get closer to the stage, but I would definitely like to attend another show there. I've been to Mercy Lounge for drinks and the Bowling Green Invasion event one year, but that was nothing in comparison to the experience I had seeing Minus The Bear.

We ended that night venturing downtown, hoping to get a few drinks and food but that was not a good experience at all. We were beckoned into Coyote Ugly, but then told if we were hungry to go upstairs to Buffalo Billiards. It was terrible - bad service, bad food and we'll never go back. After a long day of driving, running around, and then the show we were both ready to get back to the hotel and get in some sleep before packing up and going to our other hotel. Even with the bad experience downtown we both couldn't get over just how amazing the show had been - how great the band was live, and we finally got to pick up our Infinity Overhead record which we found out was clear vinyl when we got home. Sweet!

*   *   *

I'll have another post about the rest of our trip later this week. There were so many photos from the show I don't want to overload a post any more than this one already is. I also reviewed different restaurants from our trip on Yelp which you can check out here: Flying Saucer | Buffalo Billiards

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