Monday, October 22, 2012

stand up and cheer for dear old western!

We had so much fun celebrating homecoming at WKU this weekend! It was so awesome to visit campus for the first time in years for such a big celebration! We ran into plenty of former teachers and old friends, many who congratulated us on our recent engagement :)

If there is one thing Western Kentucky University's students, faculty, and staff has plenty of it's school spirit and being so actively passionate about school sports now has me wishing I hadn't overlooked it during my time on the hill.It was great to see so much red and white everywhere in honor of the Red, White & WKU homecoming event, we sported ours as well! (Unfortunately it was pretty chilly, so we were in jackets most of the day.)

Since I participated in exactly zero athletic events while I was in school, and slept well into game days Saturday was actually the first time I have ever been to tailgating. Ever. I have been missing out! For starters, mimosas on campus at 11am in anticipation of a huge game? Yes, please! Being able to walk around and talk to so many people I haven't seen in years, or meet people that influenced Jason's college career for the first time, so much fun!

Topper Walk down the Avenue of Champions led by our mascot Big Red!
View from MMTH (where J and I spent many, many hours) of Guthrie Bell Tower
Aside from all of the delicious drinks and spending time with people, there was of course the football game itself! We made it up to our seats as the National Anthem was being preformed. I had an uncle and cousin attending the game as well, so we ran over to their seats to say hi just as the Tops came charging through their tunnel and onto the field!

The Tops played a great game, which they were up on ULM the majority of. During the fourth quarter the refs suddenly started calling a lot of penalties, which they hadn't done the whole game. We tackled one of their players in the end zone (about 3 yards in the end zone to be exact) and a ref ruled that the tackle was on the one yard line, not giving us the safety that we should have had, which should have ended the game.

Instead, the game ended tied which sent us into overtime where ULM beat WKU by 1-point. Needless to say, no one was happy and it was a quiet walk out of the stadium. Still - homecoming was fun, the Tops are a great team, and it doesn't make me any less excited about seeing them again in a few weeks! As our Coach Willie Taggart says "On to the next one." (The man literally only allows the team to celebrate a win/mourn a loss for the 24-hours following the outcome.)

I won't bore you with my numerous phone pics (we accidentally left our camera at home) but this was our view from our seats.

We ended our night at Mellow Mushroom, (The Freshies pizza is so good if you've never tried it) followed by attending a small get-together/bonfire into the early morning hours. After yelling so much at the game, talking a lot, and inhaling a little smoke I actually lost my voice for the most part by the time we headed home! Jason found this much more amusing than I did. Sunday was so relaxing for us and I'm ready to get through the next few days of work and then head out for an even more well-deserved break.

SIDE NOTE: You can find a great recipe of mine over at Free Spirit Reigns today. Torrie recently welcomed her precious daughter Liberty into the world, so head on over and check out my guest post Cajun Mac + Cheese recipe and tell her congratulations!


  1. Love this post! I was so sad to miss homecoming this year :-(

  2. Great blog! Love it! Found you through your guest post on Torrie's site.... have to say the mac and cheese didn't appeal to me and I don't quite know why...... I'm sure it's great...... I'll have to look again when I'm not full from lunch that might be the problem!! I'm rambling, but it is delightful to find your site. I will put you on my list and be back for sure!

  3. that polka dot pumpkin is the bomb!


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