Tuesday, October 16, 2012

pumpkins, zombies, + kittens

It's only Tuesday and this week is rough! Work is hectic and overwhelming and I'm trying to stay on top of things, but it's so hard when no one will let me... On top of that, we're not getting any peace at home. We have the worst new neighbors. They are bad all the time, but after a horrible work day yesterday they kept us (mostly J) up until 2am AND we were greeted by a broken beer bottle on our back porch when we walked out to go to work this morning in addition to their usual cigarette butts and trash tossed casually around our steps. (We do not share steps. We have partially fenced in porches for each townhouse.)

Fed up is an understatement at this point. I shouldn't have done it, but I returned their partially broken beer bottle to their own porch. It shattered into a million pieces, because I tossed it right back where it came from. I also had to call our property management this morning about all of it because this is getting out of hand and they were already notified once about the cigarettes. Yes, I told on myself for throwing the bottle back. We're trying to be somewhat nice, as in not calling the cops, but I'm not sure this 2am party business is going to go over much longer... I mean, it was a Monday night!

Anyway, venting over. Let's focus on some positive things! It's homecoming at our alma mater and we're attending the game this weekend! Our trip is next week! Music, shopping, good food, and time away from everything! Not to mention, this past weekend was pretty great - pumpkins, visiting a local haunt that had a youth group preforming "Thriller" while we waited in line, and we got to play with some sweet, lovable kittens when we visited my parents and siblings.
I love my polka dot pumpkin!
We've been adding fall accents here and there...
We opted to visit this local haunt after reading great reviews. It was awesome!
And we had entertainment while we waited in line!
These kittens were the cutest!
Especially the one with the orange dot on her forehead. Favorite! (sorry other kittens)

Now, please let this week hurry by so we can get to the fun stuff! Jason and I are both in desperate need of a break.  


  1. The polka dot pumpkin is so cute! And so are the kitties!

  2. Yes - I LOVE Kitties and polka dot pumpkins. Sounds like my life lately :)

  3. Dustin and I know exactly how yall feel about the neighbors ridiculous I hope they stop soon! also love your pumpkins!


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