Monday, October 8, 2012

picking pumpkins.

One of my favorite things about the fall season is decorating. Unfortunately we can't really deck the townhouse out the way I would like, but I can't wait for the day when we have our own home and can! I've settled on a few small decorations here and there - burlap tablecloth, small white and orange pumpkins, lantern, gold polka dot candle holder, a twine wreath, and quite a few pumpkin spice candles. It's not much, but it works. As for the outdoors, there must be pumpkins!

We drove a couple of miles out of town to Wooden Farm, introduced to us last year, with a few friends to pick up pumpkins on Friday. The old fashioned ones are my favorite. A lovely pale orange, and since I prefer to paint over carve they are perfect.

I also really like white pumpkins, but since they only had a few small ones we opted not to get one this year. We did invest quite a bit of time in combing through the orange ones, trying to decide what shape and size Jason would need for carving. We also realized that it was a little early for carving, so he's saving his for next weekend.

Huge pumpkins! There were plenty of these out in the patch too.
So many mums!
Our haul. We got the two orange pumpkins in the back, the purplish mums, and the huge old fashioned pumpkin.
I'm not usually one for flowers. I forget about them, then they die, and I think to myself  "Oh, I probably shouldn't ever have a garden." but I couldn't resist picking up some mums. They're just really starting to bloom and in a couple of weeks they are going to be so full and gorgeous! Not to mention, they are a low maintenance flower, who doesn't love that?

I started painting my pumpkin on Friday night and still haven't finished it. Jason won't be carving until next weekend, but once both of them are finished I will definitely share a picture.

I'm also going to share a few of my favorite fall recipes in the coming weeks for those of you who love to cook, so keep a look out for that!


  1. I love the purple mums you got! I have yet to buy any for our home, but I definitely want to. And your light orange pumpkins look so nice! All I have found are the bright orange.

  2. Pretty flowers and pumpkins! Looking forward to seeing your painted pumpkin and fall recipes!

  3. Okay, I love your decor ideas! And all your lovely pumpkin pictures. I need to get on some decorating. I feel the same way about it, since we're just renting. And we kind of live in the woods, so there won't really be any trick or treaters or really any visitors. But there still has to be at least a pumpkin! Totally happening soon : )

  4. I love decorating for fall, too! Love your pumpkin haul and your mums :)

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