Tuesday, September 18, 2012

these rainy days.

I'm seeing lots of complaints about the cool, rainy days we've been enduring in Kentucky and I'm at a loss over here. I'm loving every minute of it! This summer was just too hot. A co-worker and I were discussing scarves and boots today. It's taking every fiber of my being not to pull all of my favorite fall clothes out of storage immediately, but we still have a few more weeks or so before it's even going to be worth it. Rather than harp on the impending fall weather, I wanted to share some moments from this past weekend, mostly Saturday. It was such a busy day that we pretty much spent Sunday watching football and recovering. So, what did we get into?

Saturday morning started out early, far earlier than I prefer my weekends to begin. Jason's parents were holding a fundraiser at the academy for Woodland Wildlife Rehab. Everyone participating was so eager to raise money for the non-profit facility, which is run out of the owner's home. (Yes, they do have all of the necessary permits and licenses for this.) They care for so many wild animals, some of which are re-released once rehabilitated for various injuries and ailments, and others who unfortunately cannot survive in the wild and become permanent residents.

Loved these guys! Owls are my favorite :)
Gertrude the Turkey, followed us around like a puppy during our tour.
Snoozin' barn owls. I woke up their third buddy (not pictured) he was no pleased.
Jason got some great shots on the Canon, like this red-tailed hawk.
This little guy freaked out a bit when I first entered the enclosure.
Opossums might freak some people, but they are really cute when they're little!
This one was so curious about what were were doing!
I got to the school a little later and missed the animals, but Jason's parents took me to visit after the fundraiser. It was incredible to see the work that these people do, all on their own, and how passionate they are about helping these animals. They've cared for a variety of critters over the year - kittens, owls, an alligator, hawks, opossums, hummingbirds, a wolf, and probably everything in between. If you're interested in helping out a good cause I urge you to make your own donation.

After a yummy Korean lunch we headed to my parent's house for my littler sister's birthday. Isabella is 7! (Officially today!) All of the other kids celebrate their birthdays in January, March, and April, poor thing has to wait until September and she loves her birthday. All she asked for? Cute clothes! My kind of girl!

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet girl!
Also while there, my brother Nick showed up with his girlfriend and their two newest babies - Weenie the dachshund and Lexi the English bulldog. They were adorable!

This is Weenie. Lexi never sat still long enough for me to take her picture!
We left the birthday party just in time to get home and watch the WKU v. UK football game, and at half-time actually went to our friends' new house to watch the remainder. Dear state of Kentucky, RED is the new blue. (Louisville also won their game.) The Tops killed it!! Beating an SEC team, beating UK after some big trash talk, and also Coach Taggart took some heat after asking students to keep the blue off the hill the week prior - such a glorious win! Coach Taggart also refused to sit in a blue chair for questions after the game, or to let players sit in blue chairs. Love it!!

Photo by J.S. Robinson
Jabin Botsford/Herald
Just writing about our day makes me feel tired. Sunday was much more calm. The Cincinnati Bengals won their home opener against the Browns! We had sushi for lunch and I took an awesome nap. There were also chocolate chip cookies and we skipped laundry duty. I'm counting it as a win!

Did you get into anything fun this weekend?


  1. Wow! That is a full weekend! Happy Birthday to your sister! My birthday is in December so I know all too well about having to wait WAY after everyone else haha That puppy is so cute!
    Have a great week!

  2. Wow that sounds like the busiest Satirday ever but also lots of fun.

    I love those barn owls, they're gorgeous.


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