Monday, October 1, 2012

oh, hello october!

Last night, while watching football and perusing the world wide web for fall accessories, I suddenly realized that today was going to be the first day of October. OCTOBER. Not only is it my favorite month, the first month that it really feels and looks like fall where we live, but it's so close to the end of the year. Halloween will creep in, then Thanksgiving, and it's going to be Christmas before we know it. I do not like that, one bit.

These things are still months away, but it seems like just a few weeks ago I was getting braces (May) and now it's October, and where exactly did all that time go? Rather than pout, I'm planning to lose sight of the end of the year and enjoy this fall to the fullest! We have a lot of plans, something to do every weekend well into November, and I am excited for every little thing.

Loving the trees behind our townhouse!

We're picking up the latest installment of our favorite zombie game franchise, Resident Evil, on Tuesday! (For me, creepy, scary games, movies, anything really is always best in October. Halloween is a month long affair.) We're going to a local farm to get pumpkins and decorate/carve them with friends. We have plans to see a new horror movie opening weekend, Sinister, and then we're venturing to a local haunted attraction or two. We're celebrating homecoming at our alma mater. Then we're taking our long weekend trip, which includes seeing one of our favorite bands! And we're celebrating Halloween with friends, the game plan is to dress as characters from a cartoon that we all love! I'll share more on that later :) Reading that back, we have a lot to do. It's going to be awesome!!

Now, if only there wasn't all that work in between...

Do you have any exciting plans this month? Or any creative Halloween costumes that you want to share? I love knowing what other people are dressing up as!


  1. In the county I live in, there is a huge farm festival. Wine and cider tasting, farm tours, pumpkin patches, the whole fall deal. This is our second year living where we are and I can't wait to go to it! I'm from Alaska so fall was never a big deal but in Washington, it's so gorgeous :) I hope you have a good start to October!

  2. we have to get together soon! didn't know if you guys was gonna do candy this yr or not since that many didn't come last year but we will bring the babies by!


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