Sunday, September 9, 2012

i love september + wedding things

I am so excited that it is finally September! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and with summer being so intolerable around here, I welcome it even more so. This September is even more exciting because it marks two things: (1) In one year I may have my braces off! I know, the "may" is operative, but even if they aren't off by the end of the month, they will be off my November at the latest. I can be okay with the extra month or two if necessary but I'm hoping for the best possible outcome. (2) Now that it is officially September we are exactly two years away from our wedding!!! I am so excited!

If you're wondering why two years, well a couple of reasons. One being that we want a September wedding. Two, the braces are not a sure thing to be off next year and directly related to that - I don't want brace-face engagement photos. And three, we aren't expecting anyone to foot the bill for our celebration. Sure, family will be helping where they want to, but we're planning as if we're paying for everything.

Now, two years is a pretty good time span. I feel like I'm going to be all relaxed and cool about this whole planning process and then all of a sudden we're going to be six months shy of the wedding and I'm going to start losing my mind, true story. So what I'm trying to do to combat that is plan everything as far ahead of time as reasonably possible. I feel like we essentially have an extra 6-8 months on most couples as most of my friends have married one year + a few months after their engagement. So, what am I thinking about ahead of time?

We toured a venue on Friday that offers gorgeous event space for both our ceremony and reception. Reasonably priced, parking for guests, LOVE the building. I won't get into too much detail, but I will have a venue dedicated post about the pros/cons and all that good stuff once we decide on a space, so look out for that in future!

Reception area. The walls behind me have windows, so if guests step out into the hallway they can still see what's going on inside.
Other than that, we have one other plan we're considering - which involves a rooftop ceremony at one place, and the reception at another. We plan to check both of those spaces out next month. I'm sure there will be other event spaces, again we have a quite a bit of time, but those are the ones we're considering right now.

2. The weather.
There's nothing as unpredictable as good ole' Kentucky weather! If we go with the rooftop option in September there is always a chance of rain. For example, the first weekend in September of this year - pouring rain, all weekend, but this weekend? Absolutely perfect gorgeous weather! Obviously what's happening now doesn't really have anything to do with what will be happening in two years, but it's definitely an indicator of possibilities. Yes, if we do the rooftop ceremony there is an indoor back up space, but I want to get married on the roof, not inside!

3. Save The Date magnets.
I want to do custom magnets with a photo from our engagement session on them. Obviously the e-session won't be happening until my braces are off, but I like to look at all of the options. Right now I'm researching DIY projects and how feasible of an option that is vs. services like Vistaprint vs. Etsy shops. I want nice magnets without spending a small fortune. If it's something we can do between the two of us (hello, Jason is a graphic designer) then this may be something we can take on ourselves.

How cute is this option from Wedding Paper Divas?
There's also the more cost efficient approach of just doing postcard style save the dates and skipping the magnet idea... which was something that ran through my mind as I was drifting off to sleep last night. So many options.

4. Photographers.
I've literally been pondering this off and on since our engagement. I have a lot of photographer friends, including some of the people that I work with in our photo studio, and it's going to take some serious thought about who we're going to go with. The people that I would like to contract are amazingly, wonderful, talented, and expensive... I want amazing, wonderful engagement photos and wedding photos, but with how pricey they can get I'm willing to sacrifice some on the engagement photos and invest in the wedding. I'm hoping that if we go with a friend and discuss our budget openly we can work something out, I know at least one photo team personally that has mentioned doing this for couples on a budget. Fingers crossed!

4. The bridal party.
I am still clueless on this.

I know a lot of this stuff I won't need to worry about for another six months, another year in some cases, but I can't help but have it on my mind. The longer we have to plan I feel like the more organized we should be. I want to avoid as many bridezilla freak out moments as I can. Stress and I are not friends.

More than anything right this second though I am anticipating the lovely fall season that is setting it. 70 degree temperatures all weekend!!! I've acquired some new clothes and scarves for the season, and I'm on the hunt for new boots - hopefully I'll find those during our trip next month. I've already made chili several times, bought several pumpkin spice candles for the apartment, a few fall decorations, and pumpkin cupcakes are happening tonight! Oh, and let's not forget all the football!
Making this for the apartment when I find acorns!
 Our college team, WKU, lost to Alabama yesterday (Boo!) but it's okay. The Tops weren't playing their best and Alabama is a great team. Hopefully next weekend is much better! Now we're looking forward to the Cincinnati Bengals season opener tomorrow night against Baltimore. I want the Bengals to win, but can't help but be proud that WKU alum Bobby Rainey is a new addition to the Ravens. How the boy got overlooked in the draft is beyond me since he is now one of the most talked about rookie players this year.

Okay, back to browsing the web for fall recipes, decorations, and scarves while Jason attempts to watch every football game that is currently airing :)


  1. Um, that venue looks AMAZING! Planning a wedding has to be so exciting (and stressful). Hopefully everything is falling into place for ya - can't wait to see what your big day looks like.

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