Monday, August 27, 2012

Q + A post! {your questions answered}

If you submitted a question a few weeks ago, well, I finally got this post completed! Answering the questions was a breeze, but the few photos I managed to pull together, tracking them down was so much more time consuming. I hope you all enjoy the answers to your questions :)

- what's the best part about your and J's relationship?

I think the best part is always knowing I have someone who is there for me -for support, for encouragement, or even just to tell me if my outfit looks okay... also to tell me I'm being impossible or ridiculous. While you're supposed to do that for people you care about  plenty of people seem to have missed the memo, something he and I both learned before we were together. I also love how similar we are in a lot of aspects. Yes, we're different in a lot of ways too, but the things we share in common are what brought us together in the first place. Our likenesses, our differences, and even our stubborn ways have only made our relationship stronger. It's an amazing feeling to have someone that you love so much, care about more than you can put into words, and that you can depend on even when you can't depend on anyone else.

- what would you improve about yourself if you could? (not physically, characteristics!)
I definitely wish I was more confident, less insecure, and more motivated in a lot of areas. I am one of the most self conscious people I've ever met. I worry about the smallest things. For one, I obsessed over my teeth for years and refused to get married before I got braces. Our wedding in happening in two years instead of one because we want a September wedding and my braces may not be off until October of next year. I can be extremely insecure at times when it comes to how I look, probably a lot more than someone my age should. I try to work out and make myself feel better about my body in general, but after a couple of weeks of me not really seeing any results I just get frustrated and give up. It's so easy for me to lose motivation for working out because it's something I absolutely hate to do.

- what are your pet peeves about the blog world?
Oh, so many! haha I hate reading any blogs that are only full of complaints, life isn't all bad all the time and if you focus on the negative then you're unlikely to see anything positive when it does happen. In the same token, I don't want to read any blogs where people act like the world is made of rainbows and ice cream with sprinkles on top. Life is not always shiny and awesome, it gets dirty, be real.

Recently: I also cannot deal with people that lack originality and copy others, and then feign innocence. Many of us utilize analytics software. It's very easy to see someone creeping your blog and then following every single person you do, as far as blogs, Twitter, and social media in general goes. It's even more obvious when they are stealing blog elements. It's weird and rude. I'm sure there are plenty more, but we'll just stick with those three :)

- if you could choose a day to relive, what day and why?
I actually answered this question in a recent link up. To keep from making this post too lengthy, you can read it here.

-who would play you in a movie about your life?
If I get to choose, I would pick Emma Stone! I definitely relate to her personality, sense of humor, and sarcasm and she seems pretty down to earth. I think she would be a great fit.

-what would the title of the movie be?
Oh wow, I have no idea. I'm the oldest of ten. I've wanted to be a writer since I learned how to write. I like good books, records, video games, tattoos, making fun of everything from people to commercials, and I yell at my cat a lot. There's probably something in there.

-what tattoos do you have and when did you get them? photos too! :)
I'm apologizing ahead of time for the lack of photos! I only have a few of them.
1) I got the outline of a five point star tattooed on my hip when I was 19. The artist messed it up and I had to have it filled in a few weeks later. (2) I got a lightning bolt tattooed on my outer right ankle when I was 20. (3, 4) I got love birds tattooed on my wrist and a pale blue traditional diamond tattooed behind my ear one night when I was 21. (5, 6, 7) A few months later, after I turned 22, I got three tattoos in one sitting: an umbrella on the underneath side of my left arm up near my arm pit, part of a Palahniuk quote "we just are" on the outer side of my left foot back near my heel, and part of a Kerouac quote "mad to live" on in the same place on my right foot. (8) A few months after that I had my left side done - I have a birdcage with traditional flowers around it and the cage door is open with the bird flying out. (9) I got a skeleton key on the back of my left arm the summer that J and I moved in together right after turning 23. (10) Finally, last summer after turning 24 I got my needle, thread, and scissors tattoo on my inner left arm.

#10 immediately after finishing it! You can also see the umbrella I have, a bit of my skeleton key, and my lovebirds scrunched up on my wrist.

#8 the night I got it done. The picture is terrible, but it's the only one I can find!

-what is your favorite part of blogging?
I like the writing aspect. Part of it is sharing those words, talking to new people, but the biggest part of it is for me. I don't write like I used to -randomly, at length, without reason and I miss that. Blogging is a great outlet.

-what is your blogging process?
I can't honestly say I have a process. I've been blogging for 6-7 years now and I feel like I just do. I want to be organized. I want to plan things and have them ready, rather than spending hours working on it all in the evenings, but right now this is what I do.

-what is your favorite WKU memory?
I loved college so I feel like I have a lot of favorites! I loved my creative writing class! I wrote some of my favorite pieces in that class and peer review days were always so much fun while be constructive. I loved when my film class learned to shoot at night and our class convened at 9pm. I loved participating the two day film challenges, even though everyone wanted to kill each other by the end of the weekend. I loved meeting my friends for lunch during the off hours and being able to get pasta without waiting in line! (Fellow WKU students know what I'm talking about!) I had fun with a few of my friends drinking in the dorm rooms and then attending shows at Niteclass. I loved dressing up for Halloween and attending Rocky Horror or even just going out downtown. I even loved just walking to class on cool fall days, campus is so gorgeous in the fall!

- your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things, what would they be?
I'm assuming that Jason and Norah are out the door, and my purse is a given, so... I would probably go for clothing, my laptop/external hard drive, and DSLR bag. I have so many family pictures that I wouldn't want to lose. To be 100% honest I am that person that would break out windows and be tossing everything I could out, running in and out, probably almost dying in the fire. I know that probably sounds materialistic but I have worked my butt off for the things that I have and I'm not going to give up too easily.

-what is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
I actually didn't participate in this blog hop because I couldn't think of anything noteworthy. I'm sure there are a million things that embarrassed me to pieces when they happened, but I can't think of one major thing that stands out. I've never fallen in a very public place, walked out of a bathroom with a dress tucked into my underwear, or caused a scene anywhere. Maybe this will suffice: One time when I was like seven I had, had a virus or the flu one for a couple of days, and I thought I felt good enough to go to the store with my mom. My stomach started to feel funny so my mom grabbed my hand and ran for the bathroom... I threw up about five feet away from the door and then started crying hysterically. Everyone told me it was okay but I was mortified... for about ten minutes. I felt a lot better afterward and thought it was hilarious by the time we were in the car.

-in a recent post, the Greys {Fifty Shades} one, you mentioned an abusive relationship. this is a pretty serious subject, but i was just curious, what it was like? how did you deal with it & how long did it last? i know from personal experience sometimes you don't even realize you're in one! i think this a pretty serious topic but there's not many people willing to discuss. i think it'd be great to hear some insight.
Agreed, that is a pretty serious subject and it's worth mentioning that my situation was not nearly as severe as those of others, even people I have known personally. I want to say that while there were some physically abusive moments they were not along the lines of being beat up and I was never smacked/slapped/punched/hit in general, it was 90% verbal/mental. To be perfectly honest it was like being stuck in an endless cycle where you feel like you know someone and you can help with their problems, make them better, at the very least help them manage, so you try your hardest and things would be fine for a while, and then they would go to hell at a moment's notice and it would start all over again. It was exhausting, and unfortunately it went on for more than two years. But like I said, it wasn't always bad, so it was much easier for me to convince myself that things could be okay and that maybe they eventually we be good all the time. Wrong and wrong. Just writing about it makes me wish I could go back in time and shake some sense into myself.

At the time in my life when all of this was occurring I had a number of close friends who I talked to constantly, plus my mom, and they were there for me when I wanted to talk, complain, cry about it, whatever. I was also in college, projects and classes were a huge distraction. It didn't hurt that there was extra distance between us periodically toward the end of the relationship because of a job. I think that distance helped me realize just how incredibly unhappy I was and how much I didn't deserve to be treated like I wasn't good enough, or like I could be replaced with someone better. It was crap. I busted my ass at college for four years, part of that time trying to make a relationship work with someone who could hardly keep a job, forget about them trying to attend school, and I got sick and tired of it.

I was even dumb enough to try and be friends after we split up, but he was still telling people that we were together and was going ballistic when I went out with my friends, so I just stopped talking to him. It sounds really weird to say that, like there should be more to it than that, but there really wasn't. He literally walked out of my apartment after an argument about how he could not keep telling people I was his girlfriend when we had already been split up for 3+ months and I haven't seen him since. I didn't even cry about it, I didn't ever have that "Oh, I wish we could work it out." moment, I was just relieved.


  1. Love your answers and your honesty, especially about your relationship and your blogging pet peeves.
    And thanks for the answer to my question, about your tattoos! I love them, that needle, thread and scissors is so detailed, it looks great. I'm too big a wuss to get one, so I like to see everyone else's :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your honest and interesting answers! I didn't realize you had so many tattoos! I don't have any myself, but I think they are fascinating. When I was pregnant and on bedrest, I started randomly watching some tattoo-based reality shows and it was so interesting to hear the stories behind the tattoos and see such beautiful works of art.

  3. I'm just now catching up on a whole bunch of posts that I've missed in the blogosphere. I wanted to leave a comment and say that I enjoyed reading all your answers! I appreciate so much your honesty in blogging, that's what I was initially drawn to in your blog and that's what keeps me coming back!

  4. They surmise that discovered cool tattoos for young ladies, when as a general rule they discovered erratic bits of work of art here that weren't even drawn for the purpose that they will make an exceptional tattoo.


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