Thursday, August 2, 2012

link up | "it's okay" thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

-to get really heated about equal rights. Everyone deserves them and when people think the issue is about chicken (seriously?!) I can't deal with anyone being that ignorant.

-to forget about lunch. I mean, it's 2pm and I'm still not hungry, I can wait until dinner.

-to get excited about creative projects! (And to be slightly vague about them.)

-to be completely consumed by the Olympics.

So envious of Wil's amazing hair
-to realize you're consumed and take a step back from the Olympics and catch Big Brother 14!

-to threaten your cat's life. We're all talk, she lives like a queen. But she's so bad you guys, so bad.

-to tell the truth when someone suggests a wedding venue to you that you think has gaudy/tacky decor. I don't care if it's your ideal venue, when I've been very clear about what I like and when you suggest something multiple times and start questioning what I don't like about it I will tell you. Different people like different things. It's okay.

-to be obsessed with J.Crew's vintage cotton tees.

-to be mad about car problems, even if they aren't mine. $100 for a diagnostic, not cool.

-to listen to Mumford & Sons all day.

-to be aggravated when people ruin the results of the Olympics competitions. I thought it was pretty generally accepted - if the tape delay doesn't air here until the evening, don't get on every social media page and start telling the results. It's bad enough that news outlets can't post spoiler links. Some people want to watch and be surprised, not just read.

-to continue to drink Cherry Coke here and there... even after you tell yourself  you're going to swear off sodas. I was legit addicted to Mountain Dew in college, as in couldn't function without it. In comparison, one can every few days is not shabby at all!

-to obsess over color palettes.

Happy Thursday!


  1. so consumed by the olympics too! great blog girl- cant wait to read more!

  2. mmm Cherry Coke.
    Love Mumford & Sons! :)

  3. The spoilers are so annoying! It takes all the fun out of it. Cherry Coke is my weakness. In love.

    1. I've seen people get mad about the spoilers, and then turn around and do the same thing the next day! I don't get it.

  4. I generally stay faarrr away from twitter when the events are going on in the morning/mid day. I'd like to catch it on prime time without knowing every medal won over the day.
    And I llurrvvee Mumford & Sons. So much passion and soul!

    Thanks for following me! I'll definitely be following you back :)

    1. Twitter was being so good!! (With the exception of one girl... who I unfollowed after the first spoiler.) Then someone I NEVER expected to tweet about the games, let alone a spoiler retweeted from CNN! If I hadn't watched live, my face may have exploded, lol.

  5. Is it bad that I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who threatens the life of their cat?!? I too am all talk - but sometimes my talk is NOT very nice.


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