Thursday, August 30, 2012

link up | "it's ok" thursdays

It's Thursday, which means I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for "It's Ok" Thursdays. It also means it's almost Friday, and I beyond ready for that!
It's ok...

-to buy Starbucks frappuccino iced coffee drinks at the grocery and skip K-cups for the rest of the week.

-to track down the Lilly Pulitzer tumbler that was removed from my cart during the huge sale (literally sold out while I was paying for it and the website was shutting down) and purchase anyway. I don't care that it was a Fall 2011 style, I wanted the print! And I shall have it today, hopefully!

-to prefer radio stations from other areas to your local ones. I downloaded six radio apps this week just trying to hunt down one that carried an independent station out of Nashville that plays my favorites. Obsessive, dedicated, whatever.

-to love Dan and his BB Funeral strategy. Last night's game, Big Brother history. How can you not want Dan to win after masterminding the most game changing night of this season, and one of all time in this game?!

-to order pizza for dinner with a 50% off coupon, even if you have a frozen pizza in the freezer. Sometimes I need other people to cook it for me.

-to buy cute sweaters... even when you're saving money.

-to exaggerate damage to your car when it happens. A rock chipped my windshield Tuesday on the interstate, but for a good ten minutes I was referring to it as a crack. Big difference. So happy it's getting fixed tomorrow right now free of charge! Woo hoo state laws!

-to be thoroughly unimpressed with someone's baking skills. I mean, can you really brag that you made cookies from scratch if they taste bad? Just buy the dough at the grocery store, it's okay, plus then the cookies will taste good.

-that I didn't know porcupines can float. (Jason let me in on this one. I was way more surprised than I should have been.)

-to already be thinking about Christmas shopping.

-that I still haven't given my sister her wedding gift, even though she got married at the end of July.

-to have roughly one million questions while watching Abby & Brittany. Some are more serious than others, and I'm not being mean, I'm just so curious! #1 question J + I had while watching: If you hire them (as conjoined twins) do they get one paycheck or two? Technically they share one body, but are two people, so seriously, how does that work?

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  1. oooh that sweater is seriously cute! I love that! And I do pretty much all of these things (k-cups, order pizza bc of the sale etc) :) The super funny thing is that my eyes went straight to that porcupine and I read the line under it "to already be thinking about Christmas shopping" and I thought, "Who's getting that guy for Christmas?!" Which made me think, "man, I hope my {family member} doesn't see this, because the answer will be ME." Why do people buy you weird stuff that makes no sense, I'll never know... especially, after they ask you what you want & you say "blah blah would be nice :) I don't need any dishes, though." Then, you get dishes & a porcupine :/ Love this post! :) nope, one more thing. The same thing happened to my windshield (same place) and it was replaced by my insurance & my rate went up :( Your state laws rock!

    Randomness from your blogger friend at Daydreaming Realist

  2. Hi, I'm here from the link up!

    I had no idea porcupines could float. That just made my day.'s ALWAYS okay to buy cute sweaters. Just saying. ;-)

    Have a great day!

  3. These are all things that are okay : ) NO WAY about the porcupines. How does one even figure that out? Love the sweater : ) A coworker recently explained Big Brother to me - we don't really watch TV - and it sounds hilarious! Agreed about the pizza. Sometimes frozen just doesn't cut it.


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