Friday, August 10, 2012

link up | friday favorites

Friday, we meet again. I should be excited, but right now I'm just stressing out over this huge event at work and since that's no fun, I'm taking a short break to post my link up for Friday Favorites with Lindsey! Come on 3pm, I want out of here!


Favorite Olympic Celebratory Moment

Kerry Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor  are just awesome! It was so exciting to see them win the their third Olympic beach volleyball final together and accomplish such a big dream. Their celebration was well deserved and just, inspiring. They are humble, they have worked hard, and Misty is definitely retiring on top. 

Favorite Instagram

I've been a bad, bad Instagram-er this week. Seriously, like three photos if that. This one is easily my favorite! I came home to an empty apartment the other day, but before Jason left he attached a note to the door so I would be sure to see it! He's sweet :) I think I like him, a little.

Favorite Print

I've seen this print floating around Pinterest for the last few weeks. It's just too cute! I would love to have one hanging in our kitchen. I might just design us our own in the color scheme we need...

Favorite Beauty Product

The L'Oreal alcohol-free toner that I typically used was sold out the last time I needed toner, I was mortified. I have super sensitive skin and everything seems to break it out. The only other alcohol-free option I could find under $10 was this and I was hesitant, but when you need something you need it. So glad I tried it! I love this stuff! So does my skin.

Are you linking up for Friday Favorites?


  1. Love when they won gold again! Beach Volleyball was my favorite to watch!

  2. I am so bad at instagram. I've been trying to be better but it's just not something I'm skilled it! Other people make it look so easy. Like your super adorable I love you note - how cute is he?!

  3. I love the Olympics and I love Instagram! I think I am OVER in love with it because I always think 'oh man I need to Instagram this picture!' Cute blog! (: Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Hi there! Following you from the Return the Favor Hop ;) I have a giveaway going on so stop by and check it out!
    xo sandra


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