Thursday, July 12, 2012

oh norah...

Norah just recently ended another two week stint in the cone of shame. The first go ‘round was because we had her fixed. This time? She broke a glass while we were at work and cut her arm open.

Jason rushed her to the vet where they stitched her up quickly, charged us an arm and a leg, and sent us on our way.

She’s so much happier to be cone free! But now she’s not eating normally. She drinks water, she plays, she acts completely fine, but only nibbles at her food. Has anyone else had a cat do this?

I want to avoid going back to the vet if possible because it’s ridiculously expensive and if they were to tell me she’s fine, or it’s because of the heat, or she’s bored with her food, anything like that I would probably lose it right there in the office. Not to mention, I had cats growing up my entire life and I never payed enough attention to their eating habits to notice if they went through periods where they ate less. Those same cats never racked up a vet bill like Norah either… probably not even if combined all of them. Oh the joys of pets!

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