Tuesday, July 24, 2012

link up | blog goals

I'm participating in this link up today for motivation! This is not the only blog I write for and more than ever it seems like I am slowly becoming less organized. Once our office is in order having a designated work space will definitely help, but setting a few goals and posting them for the world to see? That's definitely extra motivation! So, what are some of my goals?
  • Reach 50 GFC followers
  • Gain a sponsor
  • Do a guest post on another blog
  • Continue participating in link ups in an effort to meet new bloggers/find new blogs
  • Become more organized (Planner, online calender, something! + plan posts)
  • Finish creating our music and reading pages
  • Co-host at least one link up
  • Get Jason to post at least once sometime in the next month :)
  • Post, at the very least, 3 times weekly, but try for 5

What are some of  your blog goals? Feel free to join in the link up over at The Skinny Olive!


  1. I'm a new Blog Lovin' follower from Framed Frosting Link up. I look forward to getting to know you. I'm also doing the link up for blogging goals.....i love link ups!

    1. Thanks for following! I followed you on Bloglovin' as well. I have been blogging for almost seven years and just recently started doing link ups. Such a great way to "meet" new people.

  2. I too can't wait to redo my office. I won't tell you what's hanging over my office desk right now...ok I will, a huge longhorn skull!! I know!! But i'm married to a cowboy and live in Oklahoma... Actually most people love it but as soon as my husband's new shop is finished the skull and his huge black desk are gone and I get to make a work space for myself, yipee!

    1. Haha, hey, no shame in the skull! Mounted animal heads are pretty popular (I scoped out some at Z Gallerie a while back) you're just taking it a step further! If you do still have to look at it for a while longer and want to spruce it up, make it more fashionable get some white glossy spray paint and have at it! (http://www.zgallerie.com/p-8948-deer-head-small-1575.aspx)

  3. I wish I had your courage to state my goals so plainly. I'm always nervous if I put them out there I won't meet them and then...
    So I'm cheering you on! I even want to do an itty bitty bit to help you reach one of your goals! I'm a new GFC follower. :)

    1. Thank you for following! Another Chicago blogger, ah, love all the ladies I've met from up there! Can't wait to eventually visit the city. And, there's nothing wrong with stating your goals, even if you may not meet them. (After all nobody has to know! You'll be the one keeping track, lol.) Welcome to the blog!

  4. Love your blog! I look forward to reading much more from you. Good luck on getting your fiance to post! I doubt my husband even realizes I have a blog!

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