Sunday, June 3, 2012

on wedding planning.

Okay to be honest our biggest planning decision made so far is that we’ve set a date for 2014. Since my braces won’t be off for the date we want next year, we’re going with the next year when my mouth should be metal free!

I’ve been researching a lot of wedding venues and honestly I am exhausted! I am so happy to have resources like The Knot, Wedding Wire, and others to consult.  (How did people plan wedding before the internet?!) There are quite a few options for us to consider that offer things we know we want -the biggest one being that we want to have our ceremony and reception at the same place so our guests do not have to navigate the city.

But on top of that there’s looking up photos from previous events to see if it looks like us. There’s the cost. The catering and alcohol specifics. Space, obviously. Guest parking. Nearby hotels. All of the things.

I’ve also been reading reviews from local brides about locations and how great some venues are and how easy everything was, and others about what a nightmare it was to work with some people at the venue. (One woman said no one showed up to unlock the building and let them decorate for the reception the morning of her wedding! So not okay.)

I am so happy we have time to plan this thing because this one thing is already overwhelming, probably because it’s one of the most important decisions to make. I just want to learn everything we can, make appointments, take tours of the space, pick the place, and be done with this part. I’m probably wrong but it sounds like everything will be easier after clear this hurdle.

Do you have any tips for wedding planning?

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