Sunday, May 22, 2011

flea market finds!

We’re not gold fans in our house, so we didn’t love this mirror when we saw it at the local Peddler’s Mall. Most mirrors we’ve seen in there are $40+ regardless of their condition. When we saw the $6 price tag, painting didn’t seem like such a chore, so we bought it with intentions to paint it white, and later mustard yellow to match our bedroom decor.


This bag formerly held sewing and knitting supplies and was in great shape! Jason suggested we use it for magazines…. it came home with us as well.

We also picked up a teal glass vase, amber votive, and I picked up a ton of primitive crafts for my mother. Her birthday is next weekend and I offered to re-decorate an empty wall in her kitchen - it’s going to be awesome!

We came home and have spent the afternoon watching Dexter, I edited photos while Jason organized our office a bit more, and played with kitty. I love our weekends, and lazy Sunday afternoons.

Now, to go eat our Chinese food that was just delivered!

Side note: We also picked this up (not at the flea market) and it's hanging in the hall:

Also, this is in our apartment hallway now.

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