Tuesday, February 8, 2011

we loved here: a package from a new friend

We received a sweet little package in the mail a few days ago. If you remember this post, I was intrigued by the embroidery piece fellow tumblr Aubrey had made.

After seeing my post she offered to send the piece to me! Which I thought was incredibly generous. In exchange I wanted to make something for her as well, and send it her way.

I’m currently in the middle of my own craft project which I hope to have in the mail soon!

Currently the piece is hanging in our kitchen on the corner of the chalkboard. Once we get the shelf in the kitchen that we’re searching for, it’s going to have a permanent spot on display. It’s a perfect fit into our little kitchen! I’m still a little stunned that of all the words she could have chosen, these three sweet, precious words.

Thank you again Aubrey for your kindness! I love that this is one of the pieces in our home that has a story behind it that isn’t “We picked this up at Target today!”

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