Sunday, February 6, 2011

super bowl weekend

We started out our Friday evening with a lot to do before driving an hour away to the middle of nowhere for a show/party at a cabin in the woods. Jason’s band, The Derby & Me, played their last show with their bass player Ed for the time being. He’s moving to South Korea where he’s going to teach English.

The show didn’t start until the wee hours of Saturday morning, with a party raging on all night.

I’m a self-proclaimed old lady and sat through the majority of The Derby set. I even took a few videos, but my iPhone claims they are too large to email. Once I get that sorted out I will post one here.

We didn’t get home until after 4am and I was asleep most of the way home. We didn’t wake up until well after noon… and got ready and headed to Louisville. Jason’s Mac disc drive finally started acting odd last week, and by odd I mean a copy of Florence + the Machine’s Lungs album will not eject. He fell on the drive in the ice storm a few years ago and it has finally succumbed to the injury. $400 estimate later we left the Apple Store and discussed the possibility of getting a portable disc drive to attach when needed rather than replace the case/drive.

We also found a ton of things in Z Gallerie that we wanted for the apartment. Including this mirror:

Unfortunately it’s $350.

And I found a ton of shoes in Von Maur, which I walked away from. I later ignored shoes in Forever 21, but did get a new sweater and cardigan.

Major bummer of the evening: not being able to find parking to go in Ear-X. We wanted records! There was an in-store show however, and we didn’t want to park and walk, so we headed home without new vinyl.
Today was much more successful. Lunch at Panera was great, we picked up some awesome new stuff for the apartment at Target and Wal-Mart, and food for the evening. We have pizza and wings are on the way!
So far: the commercials are awesome! And we’re rooting for Green Bay!!!

UPDATE: What an awesome interception!!!!! Touchdown!!! Unsportsmanlike conduct? He just intercepted a throw at the Super Bowl and got a touchdown! Everyone should be celebrating that!

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