Tuesday, February 1, 2011

kitten update

Well, kind of.

We’ve been checking out newspapers, calling shelters, and checking local online classified trying to find a kitten. We’ve learned that this just isn’t the time of year, unless you manage to find someone who has a cat that doesn’t follow normal animal behaviors, like waiting until spring to procreate.

Today on Craigslist I found an ad for six-week-old kittens! Exactly what we were looking for. I read that two were left, checked a few days back and saw previous posts about the dwindling litter and decided to shoot an email to the girl that was listing them.

Between scheduling and the fact that she had people coming to possibly adopt the kittens tonight it seemed like we may not have lucked out after all. Then she mentioned that they also had a litter of four-week-old kittens, and the reason they were trying to give away the others so soon was because they needed to move the babies into a different room.

So, I had to ask if they were giving those kittens away in a couple of weeks, and if so, if they had an female kittens (preferably black or grey) and she said they did! She said she could make sure no one takes the one solid black, female kitten from that litter and we could come pick it up in a couple of weeks.

How awesome is that?!!?!?!?!

We have a kitten, or at least we will in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully anyway. Nothing is a sure thing, but we hope this will work out and we will quit posting about how much we want a kitten, and instead will post photos of it’s adorable face on your dash from time to time.

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