Tuesday, February 15, 2011

and we loved here. | a valentine's post

Every day we share I love yous, hugs and kisses. There are days that we leave each other sweet love notes or cards, little presents just because. We write messages while we’re working. Who really limits there love to one day a year?

That being said, I was admittedly excited about spending Valentine’s Day with my mister this year. Last year our day was a bit rushed, and while we did have a great day it was so great to have our time together and not have to worry about time constraints or distance separating us at the end of the day.

We spent our Monday at work talking about our plans, and luckily the day flew by!

These are the lovely flowers I came home to last night! They’ve bloomed even more today and the colors are so gorgeous! While I took some time to snap photos Jason let me know that he was going to cook me dinner, something new, and it was going to be a surprise.

I ordered vintage Valentine flashcards from Pretty Little Studio and they arrived just in time! While I did compose a rather lengthy love note in a proper card, I took the 14 cards and wrote one things I loved about Jason on the back of each one.

While this handsome man cooked me dinner I made sure I had his gift in order, and then joined him in the kitchen. I played him some sweet tunes while he cooked. Bright Eyes, Florence, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, and a few more. It smelled amazing!

Parmesan crusted chicken marinated in a white wine sauce & orange peppers and topped with a homemade parmesan garlic cream sauce (mashed potatoes on the side.) This was the first time J ever attempted to cook this meal, and it was delicious! I’ve requested that he become my personal chef and spend all of his time researching and perfecting recipes so that we could always have yummy dinners at home.

Then there’s this picture. There was some talk of biting and kissing, and growling, and you know how it goes. Or maybe you don’t. Either way, we had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

After dinner we swapped cards and gifts. Jason got me Florence + the Machine’s Lungs on vinyl and we listened to it for a portion of the evening (so good!) Jason’s card was so sweet, he always has the most perfect words.

I couldn’t have asked for, or imagined a better evening with J. Yesterday was easily my favorite Valentine’s ever (I was glad that he thought so too!) and I can’t wait for many more in the years to come.

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