Monday, January 24, 2011

the end of moving

We finally have everything in the new apartment and our internet is FINALLY working!

I can blog. Jason can design. We can resume playing Black Ops, shouting at the screen when things don’t go our way, and laughing at the inevitable outrageous comments.

Over the last few days we’ve learned:
1. We have a lot of stuff. Too much stuff.
2. Getting rid of things you don’t want is sometimes harder than you think it would be.
3. Finding a kitten in January is practically impossible.
4. If you spend hours cleaning smaller rooms, like bathrooms, with bleach and various cleaners, it will affect your sinuses. You may get lightheaded. You make start having nosebleeds, and possibly have blood in your saliva. It’s not good for you. Don’t do it.
5. We now have 3 microwaves.
6. We are slightly addicted to watching HGTV.
7. The USPS can be a bit ridiculous when it comes to change of address forms. (Not as ridiculous as Comcast getting our internet working however.)

I hope everyone else out there had a much easier weekend than we did with all the moving! (Especially Jason, who made every trip, dealt with the several inches of snow and ice, and then helped me unpack when the moving from place to place ended. He even cleaned the fridge after he knew my body was flipping out over all of the fumes I had inhaled. And he didn’t stop after wiping out on the tile in our entrance way and destroying his knee.)

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