Sunday, January 16, 2011

our weekend so far:

  • Bought the suitcase and dismantled it for the kitty bed
  • Got our Panera fix!
  • I’ve began work on the piece I’m going to send fellow tumblr aubreyrenee after her sweet offer to send us this piece she made
  • We’ve drank quite a bit and listened to records
  • Games have been played, Mad Men has been viewed
  • All of the ice that resided in our parking area and on the sidewalk did not cause us to wipe out, as it has before, and this morning I was relieved to see most of it had finally melted
  • I’ve spent too much time online looking at home decor and possible decorating options for the new place
To do:
  • Laundry & dishes =(
  • Work on the bedding for the suitcase bed
  • It probably wouldn’t hurt to do some packing, since we move Friday
  • Currently: J still needs to get out of bed
  • Make a trip to the grocery store
  • Eat (Currently: I’m starving! Although, I may make coffee instead…)

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