Sunday, January 23, 2011

before: our new apartment!!!

We’re almost finished moving out of the old place and to be perfectly honest the new place is mostly a wreck. All of the big furniture is being moved today, so instead of being able to rearrange and decorate we have to wait until we can get that stuff in here and keep everything else packed out out of the way.
But, we did snap some pictures the morning of the move in of what our cute little townhouse looked like before we moved anything in.

The front door faces the street and the parking area is in the back. I didn’t take a photo of the back patio (which rules!) because it was snow covered and just looked like a mass of white space. When you step into the apartment however it’s directly into the kitchen.

I love having tile floors! The space I was standing in is where the table will go and the pantry and laundry room are located on the left (not pictured.)

The hallway off the kitchen has a large storage closet and the half bathroom and leads into the living room.

To the left of those windows is the front door and the staircase that leads up to the master bed/bath and spare room that we’re using for an office.

I can’t wait to decorate this stairwell!

Straight into the master bedroom… Where we each have our own giant closet! (You can see the edge of Jason’s closet in this pic.)

My closet, and the door that leads into the master bathroom.

The sink counter spans the width of the bathroom. We didn’t really need double sinks so the extra counter space is really awesome! We have lots of storage underneath too, plus the linen closet J is checking out below.

The master bathroom also leads into the office too. For some reason this is the only photo I have. This room is huge! There’s another window and a big storage closet in here too. Currently: It’s packed full of our stuff. It look so bad.

I cannot wait for the last of our stuff to make it over so we can get this place into shape!

We actually have a closet full of home decor at this point because we’re delaying doing anything until we can get the furniture situated.

Our biggest problem has been our internet service so far… It was working okay at first. We had an activation issue that was keeping us from loading some pages, and then we had a guy re-provision our modem, for no reason, and now it’s ruined our connection. When I (politely) told him that the problem was worse, and asked how he could fix it he stopped talking to me. How ridiculous is that?

J had to called in and said somehow that one guy managed to mess our modem up and it now says it has an established connection, when it actually doesn’t. Plus, it’s a system problem and not a physical one, so a tech couldn’t even fix it if they came to our place. A service engineer will have to do a work order, which will take 12 hours to 3 days (or more.)

[Thanks Mr. Frank for having an unsecured network that I could steal internet from to make this post!]

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